World to end May 21; FAB will review calculation on May 22.

World set to end May 21

World set to end May 21

It has come to our attention that the world is set to end on May 21, only 2 days from now.   This is based on a complex set of calulations that we will review on May 22 right here at FAB!

Read the San Francisco Appeal report here.  Until the big day arrives, you can keep up with the countdown here.

Apparently, there’s big money in predicting the end of the world.  KGO-TV reports that Family Radio has spent million$ on their campaign.  Does that mean they’ve raised millions as well?  If their prediction doesn’t pan out, will they give refunds?

Hey, whatever works.  If FAB predicts the world will end on August 15, you reckon we could raise million$ for our Fall GAP tour?  Let’s get started!


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