Winning hearts and changing minds at Northern Kentucky University (NKU)

Fletcher trots out a toddler

CBR Southeast Director and FAB author Fletcher Armstrong trots out an imaginary toddler to ask if “personal choice” were a sufficient justification to kill a toddler. (There isn’t, because the toddler is a human being.) “So, if a preborn child is a human being in the same way that the toddler is a human being, wouldn’t it be wrong to kill him as well?”

At Northern Kentucky University (NKU), we were treated to a steady stream of passersby who saw the pictures and were forced to think about abortion in a new way.

One such man said that there was no abortion in the Middle East, where he comes from.  (We doubt that, by the way.)  However, because abortion is legal in the USA, he had come to believe it must be OK.  Seeing abortion pictures changed all of that.  He told CBR Project Director Maggie Egger, “I hadn’t thought much about it, but it’s legal so I assumed it was okay.  These pictures are terrible.  You’ve really opened my eyes.  Abortion is not okay.”

CBR volunteer Laurice Baddour spend several hours breaking down the pro-abortion protesters who showed up.  She has a unique way of endearing herself to people by simply loving them, right where they stand.  Several admitted to her that their signs of protest didn’t mean they completely supported abortion.  One said, “I’m only holding this sign because my friend told me to!”

Please keep in your prayers a young man who saw the pictures and told CBR staffer Renee Kling that he had gotten a girl pregnant in his home country.  Even though he knew abortion was horrible, he didn’t understand just how evil it was, so he and his girlfriend chose abortion.  He said, “I carry that guilt with me.”  Renee invited him to speak with Lisa, our post-abortive volunteer and showed him how to connect with people in the community who could help.

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