Why we have a chance to defeat ObamaCare

Check out this analysis by Michael Barone.

To summarize his major points, a fairly large number of Democrats (especially the thirty-seven who opposed ObamaCare in November) represent districts in which the bill is unpopular to wildly unpopular.  Forty-five of their districts went for John McCain.  Mr. Obama and Mrs. Pelosi are whipping these congress-people to go to the wall for ObamaCare but their constituents are pounding them to pull the plug on ObamaCare. 

We don’t have to get the “undecided” Members to announce their opposition to ObamaCare, we just have to keep them from pledging to support ObamaCare.  And in that pursuit we have the tactical advantage of trying to get these guys to do what comes naturally to them:  The cowardly thing!  Nothing at all!  They just want this to go away without having to vote “no” and getting punished by Mr. Obama and Mrs. Pelosi, or “yes” and losing their seats.  If enough of them stick together and refuse to commit, vote counter Rep. Jim Clyburn (the Dem Whip in the House) can’t tell Mrs. Pelosi that she is now within the six or so vote deficit that would embolden her to bring the bill to the floor and then water-board the weakest half-dozen resisters till they caved.  Mrs. Pelosi thinks she can brow-beat five of these guys into submission with the question called and the vote board open but she knows she can’t brow-beat twenty-five.  And she doesn’t want to risk a very humiliating, televised (C-SPAN) defeat.  That is why Mr. Clyburn (who, remember, is the guy actually counting these votes) says the vote could slip till after Easter. 

 Every day we can keep the “undeclared” from “declaring” worsens the odds for Mrs. Pelosi because there is limit to how long even she and Mr. Obama can tie up the entire mechanism of government on this bill. Our trucks and planes clearly foster indecision and as an obscure Air Force Colonel once observed, “He triumphs who merely escapes defeat till his adversary runs out of gas – or becomes progressively more spooked by the scary mid-term elections which are coming nearer by the day.”  Delay is our friend.  It should be the real focus of our prayer.

Please keep praying.  Try fasting  too.  And please keep calling, e-mailing, facebooking, and twittering (see posting below).

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