Why not double your money? (And save babies at the same time.)

KSI Virginia

Your support will help keep this truck on the road, saving babies and encouraging pro-life voters.

We have less than 9 weeks to get pro-lifers out to vote in 4 key states!

Every dollar you invest in our voter education project is instantly matched, all the way up to $75,000!  You give $50, our matching donor gives $50 more.  You give $5,000, our matching donor gives $5,000 more.  For your support, here’s what you get:

  • Immediate 100% return on investment.  Will your 401-K do as well?
  • Save babies’ lives.  Pictures of abortion save lives.  Happy mothers have told us so, over and over again.
  • Get pro-lifers out to vote!  If we don’t, we could lose all the pro-life gains we have made since 2010.  And we could lose much, much more.

The pro-abortion health care bill, commonly called ObamaCare, will transfer billions of your tax dollars to the abortion industry.  That’s “billions” with a “b”.  If we fail to stop this insanity, our children and grandchildren will pay the price.  The ones who live will pay with their taxes; the others will pay with their lives.

I’m asking you to make your voice heard by supporting this important project.

Remember, every dollar you invest in this critical project is instantly matched, all the way up to $75,000!  So be sure to designate your gift for “Other” and type in “KSI”.  Or just send us an e-mail and we’ll take care of it.  Let’s raise $10,000 by the end of this week!

The trucks are in place; the rest is up to you.  Please support KSI now, for we urgently need your help.

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