Why does Planned Parenthood cover up sexual abuse?

LiveAction documents Planned Parenthood's willingness to aid a child prostitution ring in New Jersey.

LiveAction documents Planned Parenthood's willingness to aid a child prostitution ring in New Jersey.

In an online debate on the Richmond (Virginia) Times-Dispatch, the pro-aborts were incredulous.

I referenced a study by Life Dynamics in which a woman, posing as a 13-year-old girl, called more than 800 PP and National Abortion Federation (NAF) abortion clinics and said that she wanted an abortion.  Her reason?  She and her 22-year-old boyfriend did not want her parents to find out about the relationship.  In every state, this is statutory rape.  In every state, health care providers are required by law to report the abuse.

Even though many of the clinic workers openly acknowledged that the relationship was illegal and they were legally required to report, the overwhelming majority readily agreed agreed to conceal this illegal sexual activity.  When PP and other family planning service providers ignore child abuse reporting laws, they help predatory men continue their ongoing sexual abuse of children.

More recenly, PP personnel have been caught on videotape offering to assist pimps running underage prostitution rings.  Each claimed to have girls working for him who were as young as 14 or 15 years old, many of whom couldn’t speak English.  One such tape was the subject of the Times-Dispatch story.

In the online debate, one of the pro-aborts challenged challenged all of this by asking, “Why would PP want to cover up sexual abuse of a 13-year-old minor child?”

Good question.  Here is an edited version of my reply:

You ask why PP would want to cover up sexual abuse of a 13-year-old minor child.  Good question.  I can’t fully answer, but here’s what I can say.

Obviously, abortion clinics know they will sell more abortions, more birth control products, and more treatments for sexually transmitted diseases when they turn a blind eye to child rape.  Men involved with minors need to conceal these sexual relationships, so they will take their underage victims to clinics that offer confidential abortion services and birth control to minors.

But there’s another factor.  Many people at PP simply don’t believe a child having consentual sex with an adult is really abuse.  They believe that children are sufficiently mature to make decisions regarding their own sexuality, and parents can go pound sand.  That includes getting abortions, using birth control, having sex, and apparently even choosing a predatory adult male as a “boyfriend.”

Look at PP’s non-judgmental view on sex. Nothing is out of bounds. Nothing is too extreme. As long as two people consent, then it’s OK. Even sex between very young teenagers is OK if they both want to do it, care about each other, have fun together, etc. (www.TeenWire.com).  Even the riskiest behaviors are presented as acceptable for teenage experimentation.

Further, PP and the abortion industry lobby to eliminate any and all laws requiring parental notification of birth control and abortion services to minor children.  Where such laws exist, PP is generally very adept at arranging “judicial bypass,” as evidenced by the LiveAction videotapes.  Privacy is the highest virture.  Minor children are viewed to be sufficiently mature to make their own decisions without parental involvement.  In that environment, it’s not surprising that many people in the abortion industry would believe that a 13-year-old girl is sufficiently mature to choose a 22-year-old boyfriend, if she wants to. When you listen to the audiotapes at ChildPredators.com and watch the videos at LiveAction.org, that attitude is apparent.

Finally, they believe any limitations on the abortion industry are just the work of anti-choice extremists and are not worthy of being respected.

Put all of this together, it’s not hard to belive that PP personel could help cover up sexual abuse.  It’s profitable for PP and they don’t believe it to be abuse, so they take the law into their own hands and hide the evidence.

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2 Responses to “Why does Planned Parenthood cover up sexual abuse?”

  1. February 11th, 2011 at 10:51 am

    Shirley Moore says:

    Great column, Fletcher. An airtight summary. No, they don’t really believe in the concept of abuse: As the “sex-pert” Alfred Kinsey said: society benefits from pedophiles because they do nice things for unlikeable and unattractive people.
    He called them “national treasures”. This info comes from the authorized biography of Kinsey by James Jones p.753 Footnote 58 re: the social benefits of pedophilia. This man is still the godfather of the sex education mafia, including Planned Parenthood.

  2. July 18th, 2011 at 6:30 pm

    Krystal says:

    After less than 5 minutes of research (using google) I found that many states require at least one parent to giver permission for a teen to receive an abortion or convince a judge that they are mature enough to make decisions for themselves if a parent is unwilling to provide permission. However many states do not require it, this is not Planned parenthood’s fault. If you believe your state should and it currently does not, talk to your senators. Attacking PP is swimming against the current in that they provide plenty of services to teens and adults preventing tons more abortions than provided and preventing more welfare costs from the taxpayers. Let’s not forget the low cost health care to people regarding reproductive organs (fun fact, many of their services don’t require sex, you can get a UTI or have ovary issues without having sex).
    Think about what you say, and the consequences. Back it up with facts first.

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