Why does our driver love this project? An encouraging word from the road!

KSI Florida

KSI truth truck is fully visible to I-4 traffic near Orlando, Florida. Other truth trucks are operating in Virginia, Iowa, and Colorado.

The Key State Initiative (KSI), our pro-life voter education project, is on the road in 4 states!  More on KSI here and here.  While the media focus on pocketbook issues, we are sending a pro-life message all the way to Washington!   We haven’t forgotten the daily carnage, and we won’t let them forget, either!

Here is an encouraging word from Tom Herring, Co-Director of the Anti-Choice Project.  He drove one of our KSI truth trucks for a week!

Driving a CBR truck in Iowa was one of the most fulfilling pro-life activities I’ve ever done.  I wish I could do it 40 hours a week.  …  The enormous graphic display on the side of box-body truck is perhaps the best way to expose the violent act of abortion.

The gaping-mouth stares of teenagers – seeing abortion for the first time – were the most rewarding to me.  Most of our youth have consciences which are still functioning.  …  The likelihood of those teens choosing abortion, or choosing abortion advocates to represent them in government, has been radically diminished.

Thank you, Tom!

Make your voice heard!  Truck fuel is very expensive.  Truck repairs aren’t cheap, either.  Travel costs are up.  We’ve been on the road for 7 weeks; only 9 more to go!  But we need your help.  Unless we hear from you soon, we’ll have to park the trucks and wait.  Yuck!  We hate to wait because babies are dying and Election Day is coming fast.  So please support KSI right now!

One great  bit of great news:  Every dollar you invest in this critical project is instantly matched, all the way up to $75,000!  So be sure to designate your gift for “Other” and type in “KSI”.  Or just send us an e-mail and we’ll take care of it.  Let’s raise $10,000 by the end of this week!

The trucks are in place; the rest is up to you.  Please support KSI now, for we urgently need your help.

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