Why can’t the media get enough of this project?

Nicole is interviewed by WUSA news anchor Peggy Fox.

CBR Virginia Director Nicole Cooley is interviewed by WUSA news anchor Peggy Fox.

Why are the media all over this project?  The Key State Initiative (KSI), our pro-life voter education project, is on the road in 4 states.  The media are biting!

That’s important because  media coverage helps get our message out, whether they show the pictures or not.  If they show the pictures, viewers get to see what abortion is and does.  If not, viewers learn that abortion is so horrifying, it can’t be shown.  Either way, our side wins.

Make your voice heard!  Truck fuel is very expensive.  Truck repairs aren’t cheap, either.  Travel costs are up.  We’ve been on the road for 7 weeks; only 9 more to go!  But we need your help.  Unless we hear from you soon, we’ll have to park the trucks and wait.  Yuck!  We hate to wait because babies are dying and Election Day is coming fast.  So please support KSI right now!

One great  bit of great news:  Every dollar you invest in this critical project is instantly matched, all the way up to $75,000!  So be sure to designate your gift for “Other” and type in “KSI”.  Or just send us an e-mail and we’ll take care of it.  Let’s raise $10,000 by the end of this week!

The trucks are in place; the rest is up to you.  Please support KSI now, for we urgently need your help.

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