Where were the Christians at Auburn University?

Jane speaks with Christian student

Jane asked, “Where are the Christians?”

On Day 2, GAP at Auburn got really revved up.  Huge crowds came out to see the display and discuss abortion with our staff and volunteers.  Some of them even protested!  Imagine that.

Where are the Christians?   One female student was sitting on the ground, about 30 feet away, occasionally looking over at the photos, bowing her head, and reading her Bible.  Jane Bullington went over to talk.

She was a Christian, she was pro-life, and she knew abortion was wrong.  But she was worried that post-abortive women might see the signs and commit suicide.  She was genuinely upset and wanted us to pull the signs down.  Jane spoke with her at length, explaining why it is necessary for us to show the truth.  Jane told her that millions of children have died because the “pro-life” church has covered up the truth about abortion.

Jane told her that women who abort are at a much higher risk of committing suicide.  It is not us that puts them at risk; it’s the abortionist who kills her baby.  Jane explained that many, many babies’ lives have been saved by exposing the truth using graphic abortion photos.   She explained that all of our people are trained to treat people with respect, that we are all Christians who look for opportunities to share the Gospel, etc.

The young lady listened, she smiled, an occasional tear rolled down her cheek.  Jane told her that we do our best to invite Christian ministries and pastors to join us at GAP, but they almost never come.  It is just not on their agenda.  Jane asked her, “Where are the Christians on your campus?  Why aren’t they out here?”  There is no good answer to that question.  She just starred off in space for a moment and then said, “I need to go to class; thank you for talking with me.  I am going to post on my Facebook page a plea for those in my campus ministry to join me today on the concourse to pray for GAP and for our campus.”  We wonder if any did.

Media Coverage at Auburn.  The student paper came out after we had left Auburn, so we don’t know how much was in the print edition, but you can find these two items online:

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