We attended a Planned Parenthood fundraiser!

Framing Choice

Framing Choice. As Planned Parenthood presents what choice means to born people, we display what choice means to the victim. Other signs are visible to the Market Square crowd in the background.

What a difference a year makes. In February 2011, Alaynna McCormick was at the center of controversy in Knoxville. She and her mother blew the whistle on Knox County Schools for allowing Planned Parenthood (PP) to market sex at Hardin Valley High School. Story herehere, here, here, and here.

Note: if you think the claim that “PP markets sex” is an unfair statement of what they do, consider the fact that students were invited to visit websites that would then encourage teenagers to have sex if, among other things, they “trust each other,” “care about each other,” and “have fun together.”  Link here.  Follow the money here.

On Friday evening, PP held their annual “Framing Choice” photo exhibit at Market Square in Knoxville. This year’s theme was “What Choice Means to Me.” So Alaynna and a few of her family and friends brought their own photographs … a set of CBR “Choice” signs.

We put 8 such signs on display in between the stage, where the PP event was taking place, and the rest of Market Square, where the usual Friday night crowd was having dinner and milling around the Square. In keeping with the theme of the event, we added titles like, “What did choice mean to this child?” and “Did this child have a choice?”

We got a lot of good interaction with passersby. We saw several parents use the signs as a teaching moment, to explain abortion to their young children. We’ve never seen a young child who is pro-abortion.  None of these children were tramatized by the pictures.

We were approached by some who objected to our presence, giving the teenagers opportunities to practice the apologetics we taught them the night before. We gave them an abbreviated version of our Pro Life Training Academy (PLTA).  All of the teenagers who attended the PLTA have asked to help with future GAPs.

Planning elements of a successful event at Market Square:

  1. Use graphic images to give meaning to the word abortion.
  2. Give prior notification of our plans to the Police Department.
  3. Occupy public spaces only; do not trespass on PP’s reservation.
  4. Set up security camcorder; assign security captain.
Students answer pro-abort objections

The Pro Life Training Academy (PLTA) has prepared these teenagers to answer pro-abortion objections.

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