Walk a mile in pre-born shoes

by Jacqueline Hawkins

24 Weeks Comparison

Walk a mile in the shoes of the pre-born.  After all, you were pre-born too.

With tears in his eyes, a young man pointed to the sign with 24-week old babies—the unwanted child (an aborted corpse) and the wanted child (the premie in an ICU).  He was a student at Grand Valley State University.

“I was that baby,” he told CBR staff member Jane Bullington.  “I was born at 24½ weeks and spent 11 months in the hospital.”  Even today, his voice is raspy from the trachea tube that chafed his throat during those 11 months.  “That picture hits home.  Thank you for sharing my story.”

Because he was wanted, doctors worked hard to preserve his life.  But what if he had been unwanted?  The answer was all too obvious.  The pictures hit home when we can see ourselves as that unwanted child, weak and alone with nowhere to turn.

Not everyone can say that he was a black person or a Jew with a target on his back.  But everyone can honestly say he was in a group targeted for elimination.  Everyone was a pre-born baby.

Jacqueline Hawkins is a CBR Project Director and regular FAB contributor.

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