Use of abortion victim images gaining support

Simply showing people the truth.

What will it take to end this genocide?  Why not simply show people the truth.

I remember the first time I heard CBR’s Gregg Cunningham talk about displaying abortion victim images on campus.  I thought, “You gotta be nuts!  You want me to stand where?  And hold up what?  There ain’t no way!”

But I kept an open mind.

Now, more and more, people are beginning to understand that we can never end abortion without convincing millions of ignorant and apathetic Americans that abortion is so evil, it ought to be against the law.  It sounds like daunting task, and it is, but it’s the same problem faced by Wilberforce, Clarkson, King, Harris, Hine, and others.

They all overcame this problem the same way.  They started out giving speeches that didn’t work, but ended up using graphic victim images to break through denial and apathy.

Here is a recent column entitled Abortion Holocaust: Make Them Watch, in which Bill Muehlenberg takes us back to 1945, when the American military forced German citizens to actually see the death camps.

Not only did they have to tour the camps, but often they had to bury rotting corpses and/or exhume mass graves.  The sights and the stench were certainly powerful wake-up calls to many who claimed ignorance or denied any responsibility.

You can see an actual newsreel on one of these forced visits here.

Muehlenberg says, in the same way, we should force American citizens to see what is going on in the abortion industry:

Our abortion mills are flowing with the blood of murdered babies. But people are claiming ignorance. Perhaps we should force everyone in favor of such baby killing to tour an abortion mill, and look at what happens, and handle the remains of a burned or dismembered baby.

Had German citizens seen what things were really like before 1945, maybe many would have risen up against the Nazis. If people today could see how the victims of the abortionists are treated, they too just might rise up and make a stand.

What will it take to end this genocide?

Maybe it will take pro-lifers willing to leave their comfort zones.  We can’t force people to tour the abortion mills, but we can use pictures to simply show people the truth.  That’s what it will take to end this genocide.

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