Pro-Life Students Get Their Voices Back at the University of Florida

As GAP packs up and moves on to the University of Central Florida, I wanted to share with you some more of the coverage in the University of Florida Independent Alligator. Here is the obligatory rant from the Editorial Board. Our Florida Director responded.

Add this column and this one, it is clear to see that there is no balance on the student paper. That is why our work on campus is so important. Feminists for Life reports that women leaving high school are pro-life by a margin of 47% to 37%. When they leave college, they are pro-choice by a margin of 73% to 24%. Male attitudes are similar. One big reason: pro-life students and faculty have no voice.

The pro-life faculty teach business, math, engingeering (hmm, the logical disciplines), where the subject of abortion never comes up. On the other hand, pro-choice faculty teach sociology, psychology, journalism, etc., where they get multiple opportunities to inject pro-abortion propaganda.

Pro-life students study engineering, agriculture, etc.; whereas pro-choice students study, among other things, journalism. That’s why there is no pro-life voice at the Independent Alligator.

After a few months of this, the freshman pro-lifers at the U of Florida start to get the message, “Sit down and shut up.” When we bring GAP, we help pro-life students get their voices back.

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