Turning the World Upside Down (Poland)

Abortion Billboard During Rush Hour (Poland)

Abortion Billboard During Rush Hour (Poland)

We just got this message from Mariusz Dzierzawski of the Right to Live Foundation in Poland:

I had been involved in pro-life activity in Poland since 2000. After some years I was a little frustrated due to lack effect of our activity. In December 2005 Gregg Cunningham of CBR came to Poland. I attended meeting with him. His speech was clear and moving, although the proposals were astonishing.
After some weeks of thinking, our group decided to follow the way of CBR. The effects are also astonishing. Number of abortion supporters in Poland has dropped rapidly, number of abortion opponents grow rapidly. Today is real possibility to ban abortion in Poland totally. I hope we will exploit the possibility. We are big debtors of CBR.

Click here to see the billboard detail.  Every single time you help us, you help pro-lifers all over the world so something very simple.  Just show people the truth.  What can be more powerful?  Click here to make some pretty amazing things happen all over the world!

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