Travis Barham of ADF sues universities … We like it!

Travis Barham

Travis Barham explains how the U of Wisconsin was forced to pay $500,000 for discriminating against Christian student groups in the distribution of fee money.

Travis Barham of the Alliance Defense Fund (ADF) is giving an interesting talk.  He sues universities.  He does this when student pro-life groups and other conservative groups are denied First Amendment rights and/or equal access to university resources, including student fee money.

Pro-life and pro-family groups are missing a huge opportunity to scare the crap out of every university in the country.  Conservative groups must be treated equally to everyone else when it comes to the distribution of student fee money.  It’s big money.  Left-wing groups get it; conservative groups don’t.  It’s illegal.  But the universities don’t have to give the money to conservatives if we don’t apply!

At the U of Wisconsin, the Catholic student group applied and the U of Wisconsin denied.  ADF sued and won!  Now, the U of Wisconsin will have to pay $500,000, because they discriminated against Christian student groups in the distribution of student fee money.

Yikes!  We need to make sure our students are applying to get that money!  1-800-TELL-ADF.

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  1. September 20th, 2011 at 3:03 pm

    (Prolifer)ations 9-20-11 - Jill Stanek says:

    […] Fletcher Armstrong tells how the Alliance Defense Fund is helping Christian and conservative college campus groups to apply for free money available to student groups. Universities have been doling out money to left wing organizations routinely and in some cases illegally denied the same consideration for religious and/or conservative organizations. […]

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