Training the Next Generation of Pro-Life Activists

Appalachian State University students plan their pro-life year.

Appalachian State U. students plan their pro-life year.

I got an e-mail from a Georgia Tech student just yesterday.  He wanted to know about our annual Student Leadership Conference (Sept 10-11):

“Georgia Tech has a bunch of new leadership that is really going to benefit.”

This is a generational struggle, and nothing we do is more important than our work to train the next generation of leaders.  When they lead the right way, babies and moms are saved right now.  And we get closer to that future day when the killing stops.  It’s just that simple.

That’s why CBR, along with the Students for Life of America, is hosting our annual Student Leadership Conference in Knoxville again this fall.  Here’s what one student at the University of Georgia had to say about this conference:

“While there is a lot of information about defending the pro-life cause, information about building leadership skills is scarce.  These skills are needed to start, grow, and manage a group.  The CBR conference is giving student groups around the country the tools they need to be effective on campus and I truly believe strong campus pro-life groups will change the country and the world.”

Leadership = Action at Appalachian State U.

Leadership = Results at Appalachian State U.

Changing the country and the world.  That’s what we are all about at CBR.  Please consider a financial gift to support pro-life college students.  Your gift of $100 will pay the conference cost for one student!  It’s really an investment in the future of the pro-life movement.

What do you think?  How important is it to train the next generation?  Comment below!

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