Time to Change Pro-Life Tactics? John Jakubczyk responds.

John Jakubczyk

John Jakubczyk

A recent article in Crisis Magazine suggested it was time to change pro-life tactics.  Not sure how useful the article is; of the 3.3 points (out of 4) that he got correct, most of it has been well-known to pro-life activists for a long time.  The best part about the article was the appended comment by John J. Jakubczyk of Arizona.  [Question: How do you say “Jakubczyk”?  Answer: With your mouth.]

Anyway, I’m extracting part of his comment here:

It is true that most people do not enjoy hearing about abortion, be they pro-life or “pro-choice.”  There is a simple reason for this and it applies to the average church goer all the way to presidential candidates: Once you seriously realize that we are allowing the killing of children every day in this country AND that despite this knowledge we are going about our lives as if nothing is wrong, we are all culpable unless we do something to stop it. And once we realize that, there is no going back. You can NEVER walk away.  So we close our eyes and cover our ears and pretend … pretend that those pro-lifers are extremists, pretend that it is just another “ministry,” pretend that their tactics won’t work and therefore I do not need to get involved. We get mad when someone “guilts” us into doing something and we resent them, so we call them zealots or other names.  We tell ourselves that we are not like them. And we justify our inaction.

Fortunately many of our children, now grown, abortion survivors, reject this complacency. They want to end the killing. They see the urgency and demand action now. Fortunately there are new leaders who are not willing to go slow, but want to end the killing NOW. They have great drive. It is my prayer that their intensity,  their sense of urgency, combined with the wisdom of their elders will forge a new and stronger pro-life movement where their will be no compromise on the principles of protecting all life, that there will be a better use of media to reach the public and SELL the pro-life message, and that there will be a new collaboration among pro-life organizations to defeat the abortion industry on their own turf … by offering women REAL  health care for them and their babies, and by exposing the abortion industry’s dark and deviant side to the American public.

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  1. May 8th, 2012 at 1:50 pm

    Leslie Sneddon says:

    An article written by Rolley Haggard(3-30-12 http://www.breakpoint.org)entitled: “We could end abortion ‘overnight’-if we really wanted to” was a wonderful antedote to the milque-toast, apathetic commentary by Dustin Siggins-
    According to Mr. Haggard its an easy 4 step plan!
    1. Going Viral-Rallying everyone together all at once
    2. A matter of priorities-missions and evangelism and church-planting and other respectable work that, to be sure, is exceedingly high among the great list of kingdom priorities, But it is not the highest!
    3.The Great Commission and the GREATER COMMISSION-Matthew 22:38-Who among us can’t see the holocaust engulfing the unborn? The house is burning down around our little neighbor and we consider it merely “important.” But the pro-life cause is not “important.” IT IS CRUCIAL.
    4. If I have all faith, but have not love…Too many of us are preoccupied with “ministry.” The entire law, the whole duty of Christians, is summarized in one word: LOVE. Just ask yourself, “If it were MY child they were going to put to death, what would I do? see full article here:

    Friends, consider joining the most effective pro-life team on the planet- win hearts, change minds, and save lives-www.abortionNO.org

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