Thoughtful students encourage us at UNC

A UNC student studies the GAP display

by Mick Hunt

In an earlier post, I gave examples of “pro-choice” meanness at UNC.  But there’s more to the story.   In spite of the intolerance we witnessed among the hard-core leftists, there were many thoughtful students with open minds whose responses encourage us to continue in this difficult work.  Here are a few stories and comments you will enjoy:

 A young man protested in front of our GAP display.  He said that he was strongly pro-choice, although he would not want his girlfriend or wife to have an abortion.  After a lengthy dialogue with one of our volunteers, he looked at the pictures for about 20 minutes, saying very little.  Then he said, “You have some compelling arguments.  Although I’m pro-choice, that doesn’t mean I always will be.  You’ve dissected this complex issue and made it very difficult for me to be pro-choice.”

A campus groundskeeper said that even though he was pro-choice, our display had an impact on him.  After hearing why we compare abortion to other forms of genocide, he said he still didn’t agree.  However, we had gotten him to think about it.

 A young man said he didn’t get the genocide comparison because abortion isn’t based on race or nationality.  We explained to him how the Cambodian genocide was based on level of education.  He said, “Thank you.  I guess I had a very narrow view of what genocide is.”

 Two young men wanted to talk and learn about abortion and our display.  Afterward one said, “Thank you for a calm conversation.  These emotional issues so often end in ad hominem attacks.”

 Katie was taught by her mother at a young age that if she ever got pregnant before she finished college, and was not married, she would have to have an abortion.  She looked sadly at the display, almost crying.  She said, “Before seeing your display, if I had gotten pregnant, I would have had an abortion.  I never really thought what abortion did to a baby or even if it really was a baby.  But no more.  Now I know the truth.  I have a post-abortive friend and I am going back to talk with her and provide resources to move her toward healing.”

And lastly, a woman sent the following letter to CBR headquarters:

Dear Genocide Awareness Project,

From 2005-2009 I was a student at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.  On multiple occasions I saw your anti-abortion presentation and was shocked to see the dismembered little bodies.  I was pro-choice when I was in college, mostly out of selfishness and lack of knowledge about the development of a fetus.  I am now officially pro-life after having my first daughter and finally realizing WHAT is going on when a baby is developing in the womb.  My SIX WEEK baby had a HEART BEAT … and we are allowed to kill them?

I will not give you my whole story, I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for what you do.  I am sure that you get much more argumentative and accusatory feedback than positive feedback.  Please let me tell you that when I hear my baby’s heartbeat (and I tracked her growth) I remembered your posters on campus and finally understood what you were fighting for. … I’m only sorry it took me so long.

THANK YOU FOR WHAT YOU DO.  Your project made a difference in my life.

E. W.

Mick (Meredith Eugene) Hunt is a regular FAB contributor.  He has helped organize more than 50 Genocide Awareness Projects (GAPs) all over the Southeast and elsewhere.

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