The return of the liberal thugocracy

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Expanding on my previous post (and, lest you think Mark Levin was exaggerating), I wanted to call your attention to Michael Barone’s column (“The coming liberal thugocracy“) that appeared in the Washington Times in October 2008.

Barone forsaw the very kind of thuggish behavior that is proudly on display this election cycle.  The Family Research Council is reporting on it’s website:

Now we see thugocracy arriving in full form this election season. This past weekend President Obama said that campaign ads pointing out the voting records of Members of Congress who supported his policies were financed possibly by “foreign-owned corporations,” which is an accusation that even the New York Times found false.

Members of Congress are getting into the act as well by trying to silence any organizations that seek to expose their voting records. At least one of the targets of FRC Action PAC’s humorous “Get Government Off Our Backs” ad (CBS News and their online viewers declared the spot the “hottest ad of the week!”) has been calling television stations to stop the ads from airing. Congressman John Boccieri’s (D-Ohio) campaign called the ad misleading but after reviewing his voting record, the station quickly agreed the ad was truthful.

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Here’s the Get Government Off Our Backs ad:


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