Tebow Ad … Focus on the Family Speaks

Here’s what Focus on the Family had to say on the outcome of their Super Bowl ad. Several points:

  1. The dialogue between mother and son could have been uttered just as easily by a pro-choice mother and son.
  2. Anything stronger than that would probably not have been allowed by CBS.
  3. The purpose of the campaign was never meant to change people from pro-choice to pro-life. If that were the case, Focus would have included access to abortion imagery somewhere on their website. Or at least, they would have included some prenatal development video.
  4. The purpose of the add was two-fold. First, to communicate a wonderful pro-family message to millions of people. Kudos to both Focus and to Google for that. Google’s French Love Story ad was actually my favorite.
  5. Second was to get the attention of donors and potential donors. That’s not a criticism of Focus. They are no different from CBR; we need funding to operate. Standing on my head will not convert anybody, but I’d do it if it would help us get more funding for saving babies and moms. The more attention the better. I hope Focus got their $2.5 million back, many times over.
  6. The pro-aborts just walked into the Focus trap for several weeks. The attention they brought to Focus was worth way more than the ad itself! Then, after it was over, they compounded their error by stating that the ad promoted violence against women. More attention for Focus

After the ad, talk-show host Barbara Dooley interviewed me for her radio program.  Click here for the interview.

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