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Pro-Life On Campus at Murray State University

CBR volunteer Brian McKinney teaches young men to step up and protect the innocent.

Pro-Life on Campus brought GAP back to Murray State University in Kentucky after a long absence.  Not many moonbats in that part of Kentucky; we give it a rating of 1 moonbat on our scale of 1 to 10.

Throughout the calm two days, there was only one protester with a “clever” sign that read, “Abortion is fine, but condoms are less expensive and homosexuality is a fine choice too!” However, he was notably respectful and had honest questions about God, the Bible, and politics. Unfortunately, though, he was unable to maintain a thought to its completion, so rational dialogue was difficult.

His inability to complete thoughts (and perhaps think critically) may have lead to these statements he made to the Murray State News:

“I walked by and saw it and I despise the flawed reasoning that is used on these signs … I believe that their imagery especially is deceptive.  It’s an attempted emotional appeal.  People are allowed to believe what they want, I don’t think I’m changing people’s minds,” he said said. “The most I’ve done is that I’ve gave out a bunch of condoms.  So, hey, I might’ve just kept a baby from being aborted, which is more than what these people have been doing all day.”

These would be laughable, except for his encouragement of irresponsible, child-like adults to engage in high-risk behavior.

Press coverage:

Pray for more students at Michigan State University

Laurice Baddour shares the Love of Christ everywhere she goes.

Laurice Baddour shares the Love of Christ everywhere she goes.

Pray for students who need healing.  A young woman walked past, then turned around and came back.  She asked of Ohio volunteer Laurice Baddour, “What would you do in the case of rape, and you had no other choice but to have an abortion?”  Laurice: “Were you raped and had an abortion?”  “Yes, when I was young.”  (She is still so young!)  So they talked.  Laurice shared with her our “Ask the Victim” handout, told her that there are resources for healing, and said that maybe one day she will have regrets and want to access some of these resources.  She walked away abruptly, but as she left Laurice said “Please know I truly care about you and am here for you.”  She looked back, listened, then sadly and quietly walked away.  Such women often suffer great pain and are unable to engage in civil conversation.  God had prepared her heart for a seed of truth.  Pray that this seed will grow and produce the fruit of healing.

The whole family needs healing.  Missie was looking at the photos, at a distance, crying.  Massachusetts volunteer Marie went to see what she could do.  “My boyfriend’s brother’s girlfriend (Susan) just had an abortion and we are all devastated and angry at her.  We all would have helped her and she didn’t let us.”  Missie took information on Rachel’s Vineyard and promised to give it to Susan as soon as her own emotions had calmed down.  She believes Susan will be hurting sooner rather than later.

Pray for students at Michigan State University

Bryan McKinney brought his wife and daughter all the way from Virginia to save babies and moms at Michigan State.

Bryan McKinney came all the way from Virginia, along with his wife Christie and 17-month-old daughter Elizabeth, to save babies and moms at Michigan State.

Let us follow Paul’s example of praying for the lost.

Brothers, my heart’s desire and prayer to God for them is that they may be saved.  (Romans 10:1)

Pray for students who believe lies.  As is always the case, pro-aborts asserted that the pre-born aren’t human.  Honest students, even those neutral on abortion, were surprised that pro-aborts would base their arguments on something so blatantly false.  (When Does Human Life Begin?)  Pray that these students will come out of denial.

Pray for students who know the truth but lack courage to face it.  Virginia volunteer Bryan McKinney spoke with two female students for a good bit of time.  She answered the usual questions.   Both young women were quiet for a long time and looked up at the pictures of children who had been decapitated and dismembered.   The next day, Bryan saw one of the women standing with the pro-abortion protesters.  When their eyes met, the young woman looked away.  She knew what she was doing was wrong.  Pray that this student will have courage to accept the truth.