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The Abortion Debate Doesn’t Have a Color

A typical scene at our UNC GAP. (Click to enlarge.)

by Mick Hunt

Earlier this month, a woman verbally and physically abused Created Equal (CE) staffers who were showing abortion victim photos in Columbus, Ohio.  The incident was caught on tape and received extensive news coverage, including an interview on the Sean Hannity show (link here).

The attacker repeatedly called CE staffers misogynist and racist.  If you are engaged in important work like CE and CBR, it won’t be long before someone says those things about you … if you are white and male.

But when women and people of minority races express pro-life views, it proves the issues of race and gender to be irrelevant to the argument.

The pro-life movement has a number of prominent African-American leaders like Dr. Alveda King (niece of Martin Luther King, Jr.) and Rev. Clenard Childress (a CBR director).  To help complete the picture, however, I’d like to share a few black voices.  These are stories written by staff and volunteers who helped with our recent GAPs in North Carolina, but they might have come from any state.

UNC-Chapel Hill  (March 31-April 1, 2014)

p A black female student told me her brother was supposed to be aborted, but her mother went through with the pregnancy and her brother turned out fine.  She was glad we were showing the truth.

p I gave a brochure to a black man and asked if he would like to know how we make the genocide comparison.  He took the brochure and said emphatically, “It is genocide!”

p A black male student said, “I thought it was OK until maybe 3 months, until I saw these pictures.  I had no idea!”

p Black male psychology student said, “Human fetus = person.”

p Conversation with an older black female:  Q: Would you like some information?  A: No, because I agree with you.

p Tony, a black student, was staring at the signs, listening to the crazy NARAL woman, and asked her, pointing to the signs, “How is that hate?” (This was in response to a comment she had made repeatedly.)  She said, “I’ve had an abortion, and I’m not ashamed of it, but their signs are trying to shame me for my choice.”  Tony was not buying any of it.  I was standing right there, so we began talking, along with two other black women.  Tony said, among other things, “It seems like anything pro-God, pro-morality, pro-creation, etc. gets stifled on this campus.  It’s ironic that they try to profess tolerance, and yet with their appeal to the Dean, they are trying to shut you up, and take away your rights.  That’s what is hate.  If we don’t have the First Amendment, we don’t have anything.  Them trying to get you guys off campus, we might as well be back in the 50’s.  It’s just like the racist saying, ‘Get in the back, n***’”

North Carolina State University (April 2-3, 2014)

p A black female student was raised in a pro-life church and family; she didn’t know about the NCSU Students for Life group and immediately signed up.  She came back to volunteer the next day.  Her Bishop came as well and we encouraged him as a black pro-life pastor.  Four of our folks went to his church on Friday to support their work.

Next time: African-American performance artist Shawn Welcome’s poem “Civil War.”

Mick Hunt (Meredith Eugene Hunt) is a FAB contributor.  He has helped organize more than 50 Genocide Awareness Projects (GAPs) all over the Southeast and elsewhere.

White House Pro-Lifers Need Our Help!

Hardin Family GAP Team

Hardin Family GAP Team

Did you know that White House is home to a family of pro-life missionaries like no other?  Ask yourself this question: Would you do this with 7 of your children?  Read on; it’s even more incredible than you think.

I’m talking about the Hardin Family of White House, Tennessee, just north of Nashville.  Yes, Mom and 7 children (3 teenagers and 4 younger children) are coming to Lynchburg, Virginia, for CBR’s outreach to Liberty University.  (See photo at right.)  They’ll drive 8 hours to get here, just so they can stand out in the hot sun holding GAP signs for members of the Liberty community.

Bright Eyes in the center of the photo is Karine, the newest member of the Hardin family. You may remember our story of her arrival from Armenia earlier this year.  This will be her first GAP!

This will be more Hardin’s than we’ve ever seen at one time! Because of the them and the rest of our traveling team, students at Liberty will see abortion in all its horror.  When Christians see the horror of abortion, they are more likely to obey God’s command not to kill their own children (Mark 10:19).  They are more motivated to protect and defend the defenseless (Proverbs 24:11-12).  They more fully understand their duty as Christian leaders to teach other believers to do the same (Matthew 28:20).

The Hardin’s are willing to come to bring truth in love to Liberty students.  (Others are coming from Florida, Ohio, Tennessee, Alabama, and North Carolina.)  They offer themselves freely.  All they ask is their expenses.  Could you help us cover their expenses?  Here’s what it will cost to bring the Hardins:

  • Gas: $250 (500 miles in a van big enough for 8!)
  • Lodging: $250
  • Food: $480 (ever try to feed 8 on the road?)

Your tax deductible gift to CBR (link here) will transport the Hardins and the rest of our team to Liberty University next week.  This is one of the most important GAPs we’ve ever done.  Please be as generous as you can, maybe even more so.  Thank you for saving babies and moms.

Another baby saved by Truth Truck


After seeing the images on the truck, she said, "I knew I had to choose life for my child."

We hear from lots of supporters (including my own mom) who tell us, “I love your work on campus, but I’m not so sure about your truck!”

Well, Mom, this baby’s for you!


Abortion and fairness to the father

Is abortion unfair to the father?

Is abortion unfair to the father?

I was on George Korda’s State Your Case radio show earlier today. During a break, Mr. Korda forced himself to watch the video at the CBR website.  In the hour we had, we hit many of the standard questions.

One issue that Mr. Korda brought up was the “unfairness” to the father of the child. If the mother decides to abort the child, the father has no say. If the mother decides to keep the child, the father is legally required to provide financial support. In the fog of give-and-take that is live radio, I didn’t get to respond to that comment. I had fielded a similar question in my debate at Eastern Kentucky University—more on that later—a couple of weeks ago.

Fairness to the father is not the issue. If the preborn child is less than human, then the father has no rights to the “blob of tissue” that the mother carries within her own body. Since she is the one carrying the “blob,” it would be her right to decide whether to keep it or not. She has more skin in the game, if I can say it that way. But if she decides to carry, then the father is absolutely liable to support the child financially, not because of her decision to carry, but because of his decision to have sex in the first place.

But if the preborn child is a human being—science tells us he/she is a living human being from the moment of fertilization—then it is the baby’s rights which are at stake, not the father’s. If we treat every human being with equal value and dignity, fairness demands that the baby’s life be protected, regardless of whether or not the child is wanted by the father. If both father and mother freely chose to engage in the reproductive act, then they both share the responsibility to support the child.

Either way, fairness to the father is not an issue.  Fairness to the unborn child (and her mother) are of paramount concern.  Having your life stolen from you because you are “unwanted” is the ultimate unfairness.

Pro Life on Campus at Florida Atlantic University

GAP at Florida Atlantic University

GAP at Florida Atlantic University

CBR’s Genocide Awareness Project (GAP) tour of Florida concluded at Florida Atlantic University (FAU) on February 23-24.  Media coverage:

GAP at the 2011 March for Life

Students attending the March for Life discover what it is they are marching about.

Students attending the March for Life discover what it is they are marching about.

CBR’s Genocide Awareness Project (GAP) was on display again this year at the National March for Life.

It is one of our most important deployments of the year, because so many of the marchers are young people who really have no idea what an abortion is … until we show them!  Many high-school students have commented that our display, which they only see for a minute or so, is the most memorable and impacting experience of their entire trip.  They will remember the pictures of abortion long after every one of the speeches have been forgotten.

No Planned Parenthood in Knox County Schools

Lisa Morris of ProCET

Lisa Morris of ProCET

Below is a statement from Lisa Morris of the Pro Life Coalition of East Tennessee (ProCET).  Note meeting on January 27.

Planned Parenthood has been given access to Knox County students, and at least one presentation has been done without parental knowledge or consent.  Beyond the fact that Planned Parenthood is the nation’s largest abortion provider, their “wellness education” includes elements that many parents would consider unacceptable, if not pornographic. We have attached a flyer with excerpts from their Teen Wire website as well as a link to video selections from their “Take Care Down There” website.  [FAB note: If you want to see the depravity of PP materials, go to www.TakeCareDownThere.org and watch the “I didn’t spew” video.]

We are asking for every concerned leader and parent to take a clear and immediate stand against this effort to corrupt our students and degrade the gift of human sexuality with their unacceptable materials.

Please attend an informational meeting:

January 27, 2011
6:30- 8:00PM
The Chancery Office
805 Northshore Drive, SW
Knoxville, TN 37919

We will present additional information on Planned Parenthood’s agenda and history along with our strategy for action to remove Planned Parenthood and any of their endorsed materials from our schools. Our unity in this effort will be critical for success, so please share this information with other concerned friends and family and invite them to join you for this important meeting.

In addition please call or write Governor-Elect Haslam, 615.254.4799, Superintendent of Schools, Dr. McIntyre, 865-594-1620, and Knox County Mayor Tim Burchett, 865-215-2005, to express your outrage.

Here are some additional points you may want to include:

  • Planned Parenthood has already presented their materials to students at Hardin Valley Academy without parental knowledge or consent.
  • Planned Parenthood is the world’s biggest abortion provider; their graphic websites target teens with obscene material that encourages risky sexual behavior and they are under investigation in a number of states for violations of state laws regarding mandatory reporting laws for sexual abuse of minors.
  • Please remove Planned Parenthood from the list of approved guest speakers in our schools.

For any questions or to request digital copies of this material, contact Lisa Morris, 865-567-1245.

Please feel free to copy and distribute this information.

Note:  Keep up with the latest on the No Planned Parenthood-Knox County Schools Facebook page.

Students for Life of America (SFLA) 2011 Conference

Students for Life of America

Students for Life of America

The Students for Life of America announces it’s Annual Conference:

On January 23, 2011 CBR will be at the Students for Life of America National Conference in Bethesda, Maryland.  This is the largest pro-life youth conference in the nation!

The SFLA 2011 National Conference is only a few months away and we want to invite you to come out to listen to Fletcher Armstrong’s workshop and get energized and activated in your own pro-life efforts!  Thanks to the generous support of Alliance Defense Fund, **from now until December 1st student registration is only $40** (after that it goes back up to $50).  That is for an entire day of training given by national leaders in the pro-life movement, networking with people from your communities and across the nation as well as breakfast, lunch, and dinner!  This is an unbelievable price for a conference with this much to offer.  

Even though this conference is hosted by Students for Life it is not only for students but for adults as well.  Adult registration is $60 and also includes the same great training and meals.   

You won’t want to miss such great speakers as Scott Klusendorf, Life Training Institute; David French, Alliance Defense Fund; Alveda King, Priests for Life; David  Bereit, 40 Days for Life; former Planned Parenthood Director turned Pro-Life activist, Abby Johnson and so many more.  To see the schedule go here    http://studentsforlife.org/conference/conferenceschedule/    

For more information about the conference go to http://studentsforlife.org/conference/  and to register go to http://www.cvent.com/EVENTS/Info/Summary.aspx?e=525341b0-9616-42cd-95a4-b377c23c41b5

Three lives saved at the U of Tennessee – Please pray!

Jane and the photos are a powerful combination.

Jane and the photos are a powerful combination.

This is from Jane Bullington, CBR Southeast Project Director.  Please pray for mom, dad, and baby.

Three Lives Saved

She walked over the hill and down the walkway, stopping to gaze at the pictures. A typical student on her way to class, or so I thought. I asked if she had any questions. “Evelyn” looked at me with teary eyes, “I’ve just come from the health clinic; I’m pregnant. I was asking for a big RED sign to tell me what to do. I almost never walk to class this way, but I did today, and here are your signs.” I hugged her and said “I think this is just the sign you are looking for; can we talk?” As we I talked, she told me her friend (on the phone) was encouraging her to keep the baby, but her boyfriend was leaning toward abortion. I asked what her parents would say. “They will be disappointed,” was the answer. I suggested to her that disappointment is often a short-lived emotion and when they hold their grand baby, it will be very different. I told her that at 6 weeks, her baby has a heartbeat, brain waves, and all his systems in place. We talked about what abortion could do to her. I gave her our papers on psychological and physical effects of abortion, so she could be well-armed when she spoke with her parents. I also gave her the phone number for the Hope Resource Center (HRC) near the campus. My parting comments were very personal. I told Evelyn I would be honored to walk with her through this pregnancy if she kept her baby and if she stayed in Knoxville throughout the pregnancy. (I later asked God to allow me this privilege.) She cried, we hugged, and she walked away.

About half an hour later, Evelyn came back and told me her boyfriend was coming to see the pictures, and she would like me to talk with him. I saw “George” approaching and introduced myself, saying I realized this was not what he expected when he woke up this morning. He grinned slightly.

I left them alone to look at the photos and talk, but I kept my eye on him the whole time. He was distant and talkative, but would not look at the pictures in any great detail. After a few minutes, they came back to me. I asked George if he had time and would he allow me to talk with him for a few minutes. He agreed and we sat down. “George, you are already a father; you have a baby. It is a tiny baby, but it is your baby.” The lines on his face immediately softened and he visibly relaxed. I basically shared all that I had told Evelyn, and said to him, “George, I don’t think Evelyn is asking you to marry her; she just wants emotional support from you. I have already told her I will be here for her the entire way, if she wants or needs my help, and I will be here for you too.” He smiled, thanked me, and said “we will be calling you a lot of times.” He stood up, took my hand, and then walked off with Evelyn, arm in arm.

The next day, I took Evelyn a copy of The Biology of Prenatal Development, a wonderful DVD showing the growth of the baby in the womb, produced by The Endowment for Human Development (www.ehd.org). She promised to view it with her surrogate dad the next weekend and seek his support. She and George had already scheduled a counseling session with an on-campus ministry chaplain, and were going to inquire about putting “their baby” in on-campus childcare next fall where she works. She hopes they can get in to see someone at HRC the next Monday, before the Thanksgiving holiday. My parting advice: “There will be ups and downs in the next few weeks, and you may have thoughts of changing your mind, but don’t do anything in a hurry. Call me before you do anything different from we have talked about, please.” She agreed, but said “George is in baby mode, and while I am still in a muddle, I know what we are going to do.” We hugged and cried again, and off she went.

Do the pictures work? Oh, yes they do! For the unborn child, for the scared mother, and for the doubtful dad.

Online Debate on Personhood

Troy Newman

Troy Newman

Operation Rescue is hosting an online debate on personhood.

Pro Life “Over” Campus at Liberty University

Abortion Photo over Liberty University

Abortion Photo over Liberty University

CBR is flying a huge photo of abortion over Liberty University this week, so that Liberty students can learn the truth. For many of them, it will be the first time. WSET-TV has the story.  Watch the video!

Most people have abortions simply because they don’t know who the unborn child is, nor do they know what abortion does. Christian youth are just as vulnerable, because “pro-life” churches are covering up the truth as effectively as everyone else. If your church is not showing abortion photos or video, babies are being lost that could have been saved.

The coverup at Christian schools is just as egregious, if not more so. The most striking examples are Notre Dame University and Liberty University, arguably the flagship universities of the Catholic and Protestant worlds, respectively. Both have prevented the display of abortion photos on their campuses. The First Amendment protects pro-life education at public universities, but not at private schools. It is mind-blowing to think that public university students know more about abortion than Christian university students.

Just a year ago, I showed abortion to a small group of maybe five Liberty University students. None had seen abortion before. One of them later wrote,

Seeing all those graphic photos and that video brought me to tears and showed me [abortion] is murder; it is wrong. I want to now fight for their lives.

Another wrote,

I witnessed my first abortion through the images and clips by the Center for Bio-Ethical Reform. That has changed my view on abortion. … [After] actually seeing the results of this murder, I am pro-life because abortion is bluntly murder and should be outlawed!! I believe these pictures should be shown to change the minds of people on abortion.

Fortunately, the airspace over these universities is still free. Last year, we flew abortion photos over the Notre Dame campus.

Expect us to be more and more aggressive in educating Christians in the public spaces around their schools and churches.  If abortion is to be stopped, three adverse conditions must be corrected:

  1. Christian people must know what abortion is and does.  (They don’t.)
  2. Christian people must act in proportion to the injustice.  (We don’t.)
  3. The Church must lead.  (It doesn’t.)

By ourselves, we can’t do much about #2 and #3, but we will do everything we can to correct the lack of knowledge.

Abortion photos save three more babies and moms

Choice signs outside Planned Parenthood abortion clinic.

Choice signs outside Planned Parenthood abortion clinic.

Got this message from Mary Jost, Director of the Focus Pregnancy Help Center in Rochester, NY:

I am the director of Focus Pregnancy Help Center in Rochester, NY.  We are two doors down from Planned Parenthood.  A small remnant of us go and protest in front of their place with your graphic pictures.  Girls have come up to us and said they changed their minds because they saw your graphic images.  I am convinced that showing the pictures is extremely effective in saving babies lives.

Last week, three girls carried their babies to term because they saw the graphic pictures.

Priest, Brother of Arrested Carleton Student: ‘I Can’t Be a Moderate Pro-Lifer Any Longer’

Rev. Simon Lobo

Rev. Simon Lobo

The arrests of five pro-life students at Carleton University earlier this month should inspire pro-lifers to step up and engage in the pro-life battle, said Fr. Simon Lobo, brother of arrested Carleton Lifeline President Ruth Lobo, in a powerful homily in Ottawa.

Fr. Lobo hadn’t been doing nothing.  He had attended the marches, the life chains, the 40 Days events, etc.  But after seeing his sister’s example, he knew it wasn’t enough.

It would be easy to blame the university, the police, or “those who promote a radically liberal agenda” for the arrests, he said in the homily, “but you and I are part of the problem, because we have put up with too much for too long.”

Fr. Lobo called the graphic images of abortion used in GAP, which are often seen as controversial, “disgusting.”

“But they’re also true and accurate.  Abortion is disgusting,” he added.

More here …

Christian love or perversion of mercy?

Gregg Cunningham

Gregg Cunningham

In response to the arrest of brave pro-life students at Carleton University in Canada, we got an e-mail from a pro-life, Christian Carleton student.  She objected to the work of the arrested students on the grounds that showing photos of abortion is neither loving nor compassionate.  She wrote, in part:

If you can honestly say that you are upholding the greatest commandment, to love your neighbour, by holding up those graphic images then we clearly have a different interpretaion of this great commandement.

CBR Executive Director Gregg Cunningham responded:

Your references to Christian “love” are badly muddled.  Ephesians 5:11 commands us to “Expose the deeds of darkness.”

We aren’t calling women who abort “murders” and I challenge you to find one sign or document of ours which makes that accusation.  Women who abort invariably know they are doing something wrong, but they seldom know how wrong.  They are lied to about who their baby is and what abortion will do to both mother, and child and in that sense they are also victims of abortion.  Abortionists, however, are physicians.  They know exactly what they are doing.  They are unambiguous murders.

Nothing could be more cruel or un-Christ-like than for pro-lifers to help abortionists trick mothers by hiding the horror of the abortions into which they are being deceptively drawn.  That is a dark perversion of mercy which cannot fairly be called compassion.

That pretty well sums it up!

Komen for the Cure Donated $730K to Planned Parenthood Abortion Biz in 2009

Komen for the Cure

Komen for the Cure


LifeNews.com is reporting that the The Susan G. Komen for the Cure Foundation donated $730,000 to Planned Parenthood in 2009.  (Click here for story.