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CBR photos reach 1 million Sunday Times of London readers

Centerfold in Sunday Times of London

Centerfold photo in The Sunday Times of London reached a circulation of more than 1 million readers in the UK.  (Click on photo for a better view.)

Great photo in The Sunday Times of London!  This photo of aborted babies was visible to more than 1 million readers!

Link here to article We Will Shock You.  (You will need to pay a subscription fee to see the entire article.)

Notable quotations from the article:

The pictures are stomach-turningly gruesome, the dismembered figure clearly human — tiny fingers and toes visible in a mess of blood.
By far the most radical group in this country is Abort67, who I joined in Reading. They formed at the start of the year with guidance and resources from one of the loudest and most controversial voices on the American pro-life scene: the Center for Bio-Ethical Reform (CBR).
The group’s founder, Gregg Cunningham, 65, has been involved in the pro-life movement in America for most of his adult life. In the last four years, Cunningham and the CBR have started to spread their reach abroad. This summer he was in Britain supporting Abort67 and giving talks in churches — his fourth visit to the UK this year.
The CBR does not fund Abort67, but it is providing thegroup’s activists with resources, graphic images and a great deal of guidance. Since the start of the year, the group has recruited around 50 volunteers who regularly protest outside clinics in Brighton, Reading, Taunton and London. They claim they have several thousand supporters and counting.
Their protests are having the most dramatic effect in liberal Brighton.
The most serious impact has been on the women attending the clinic. One 21-year-old sports coach, who has asked to withhold her name for fear of repercussions, goes there for weekly post-abortion counselling.
“Sometimes it’s just one person with a banner; sometimes there are 20 of them with their children,” she says. “I’ve seen people burst into tears and say they don’t want to go through with it,” she says.
[CBR-UK Director Andy] Stephenson is a father of three and, like most of Abort67, a committed evangelical Christian. He is slight, with a dark beard, earnest eyes and an apologetic air; an unlikely crusader, perhaps, but an unrepentant one. “The atmosphere in the UK is changing,” he says. “The abortion lobby has had it easy for too long with no accountability, no consequences and very little meaningful opposition — but there is a new generation of pro-lifers emerging and disillusioned, battle-weary pro-lifers being reinvigorated because theyhave seen the fruits of what groups like ours are achieving with very little resources.”

The article closed with this threat of violence from pro-aborts who are apparently not used to seeing effective pro-life activism:

Brighton Pro-Choice met the week after the trial to plan more radical action against Abort67. One member warned: “If the police won’t stop them, we will have to.”

Trial collapse a victory for free speech, pro-lifers, and preborn children

Andy Stephenson

Andy Stephenson

Pro-life and freedom of speech advocates are celebrating a huge victory in the UK.  CBR UK directors Andy Stephenson and Kathryn Sloane have been cleared of all charges related to displaying abortion photos outside an abortion clinic an Brighton.  Best story here.  Other notable stories here and here.

In staging the arrest of the two pro-lifers, Brighton police actively fished for complaints from passersby.  They were operating under the legal theory that speech becomes alarming, distressing, etc., and therefore illegal under the Public Order Act, whenever anybody complains about it.

After the trial, Andy Stephenson commented, “What the police have been doing in shutting us down has had a chilling effect on free speech.  Hopefully this will have a chilling effect on the police now to hold back on their over-enthusiastic, over-reaching arm of the law.”

The Court’s written opinion was expected at 2:00 pm Tuesday.  Stay tuned to FAB for updates.

Trial of CBR UK director Andy Stephenson proceeds (BBC video)

Andy Stephenson and Kathryn Sloane display CBR abortion photo outside an abortion clinic.

The trail of CBR UK Director Andy Stephenson continues this week in Brighton.  Story here and here and here.  It’s also the top story on BBC (video below).  They are accused of violating the Public Order Act, which is being interpreted in this case to prohibit speech that causes other people to complain.

CBR Executive Director Gregg Cunningham is on hand to testify as an expert witness regarding the history of social reform in the UK.  Had the Public Order Act been been in effect in the 1700s, and had it been applied against anti-slavery advocates in the same way as it is being applied against anti-abortion advocates, William Wilberforce, Thomas Clarkson, and nearly the entire abolitionist movement would have been jailed.

The charges against CBR UK staff member Kathryn Sloane have been dropped.


BBC 1: The Big Question – Should abortion be a private matter?

Andy Stephenson, Co-Director, CBR UK

Andy Stephenson, Co-Director, CBR UK

CBR United Kingdom Director Andy Stephenson was on The Big Question, a program on BBC One, the flagship TV station of the British Broadcasting Company (BBC).   The Big Question on this day was, “Should abortion be a private matter?”

Andy’s answer was “Yes … if …”   Great sound bites you can use:

  • There should be unrestricted access to abortion, if the unborn child is not a human being.
  • All we’re doing is showing people what they do.
  • Why would the truth be intimidating?
  • If abortion is such a good idea, why to pictures of it make people so angry?
  • It is not a controversial issue that life begins at conception.  If they want to get rid of us, we will leave tomorrow if they can prove to us, with science, that the preborn child being killed is not a human being.
  • On filming:  That’s why we film [our own work]; we knew there would be false allegations.  We knew we had to document our displays.  We invite the police to attend every display we do.

Pro-life activists all over the planet are employing CBR-developed methods of legally educating the public about two key facts:  (1) Who this the preborn? and (2) What does abortion do to him or her?

Check out Andy Stephenson on British TV, saying it like it outta to be said: