Stunning Photo on Time Magazine Cover

18-yr-old Aisha on the cover of Time.

18-yr-old Aisha on the cover of Time.

In a surprising betrayal of left-wing kooks everywhere, Time Magazine has published (on its August 9, 2010 cover) a shocking and disturbing photo of 18-year-old Aisha, an Afghan woman who had her ears and nose cut off by the Taliban. Her crime? Trying to escape from abusive in-laws who beat her without mercy. She posed for the photo because she wants the world to see what a Taliban resurgence will do to the women of Afghanistan.

This has to be a setback for the fringe Left, who say we should forget about 9/11 and get out of Afghanistan and Iraq right now because, after all, America is the real source of evil in the world.

The political Left has allied itself with radical Islam, much in the same way that it embraces Hugo Chavez and Fidel Castro (just one example).  This is especially ironic because radical Isalm seeks to impose Sharia Law, which would beat, imprison, and kill the very people that make up the Left: radical feminists, homosexuals, atheists, etc.  I guess they see America as the common enemy, and the defeat of this enemy is so important, they are willing to make common cause with barbarians.

I’m guessing this photo will make it a little more difficult for the kook Left to justify their collaboration with radical Islam.

What do you think? Am I wrong? Am I right? Tell me how!

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One Response to “Stunning Photo on Time Magazine Cover”

  1. August 4th, 2010 at 11:25 pm

    Robert says:

    You may be on the right track, but my take is a little different. I believe the photo was published to keep the Democrats in line with Obama’s plan to stay in Afghanistan. It’ a case of emotional blackmail. The Liberal bases everything on emotion and not fact or logic. The average Liberal will see this photo and will insist that we stay the course.

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