Student defies “Christian” college, shows pictures of abortion

Seth Gruber at Westmont College

Seth Gruber (left) and Timothy Eaton at Westmont College.

CBR intern Seth Gruber is now officially our new hero at FAB.

For 3 years, Seth had petitioned to bring the Genocide Awareness Project (GAP) to Westmont College a “Christian” college in Santa Barbara, California, where he is a student.  For 3 years, they said “No.”

Finally, Seth took matters into his own hands and brought some hand-held abortion photos to campus and put them on display.  He and fellow pro-lifers Todd Bullis and Timothy Eaton took a position right outside the dining hall.

Two college officials tried to shut them down.  They were successful in throwing Todd and Timothy off campus, but not Seth, because he is a student.  Here is video of one student whose heart was converted when seeing the graphic photos and part of the exchange with the college officials:

Here is a link to Seth’s account of the experience.  Stay tuned for more updates.

For more on God’s admonition to Christians regarding abortion, see my letter to Liberty University’s Dr. Jerry Falwell.

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