Stealth appreciation a real problem at UNCG and NCSU

Mrs. Shanley stand in prime location where she can see the 'stealth appreciation'.

Mrs. Shanley stand in prime location where she can see the ‘stealth appreciation’.

Here is what volunteer Patti Shanley had to say about the pro-life students who had practically taken their life-affirming sentiment underground:

 We know we’re in a hostile environment when our friends are afraid to be seen with us.  It happened to me at least a dozen or more times at the UNC Greensboro and North Carolina State.

I’m talking about stealth appreciation.  It’s a lightning-quick “thank you” that almost no one else can discern.  The person might stop for a moment, or just glide by with a bit of eye contact and a quick nod or thumbs up.  They don’t take our brochure.  They barely speak.  They just quickly say “thanks” and move on.  But they never, ever, want anyone to know they agree with us.

I understand.  It’s a dangerous world when accusatory social media posts target anyone considered an enemy and the gang of bullies descends.  Social circles are fragile and academic success is unsure when we swim against the current.  Who could have predicted that the tolerance crowd wouldn’t tolerate dissent?

At least one student at UNC Greensboro wasn’t afraid.  In full view of the pro-aborts, she told me she was really glad GAP came, and offered me a hug.  “God bless you,” I whispered in her ear.

We must teach the next generation to be better than this.  The anti-American Left has coopted public resources and institutions to advance their own agenda at taxpayer expense.  They are not bold; they are bullies.  They say we have no right to speak, and their President says we should sit in the back of the bus (his exact words).  Unfortunately, too many pro-lifers, conservatives, and Christians are cowering in the closet.  That is not a recipe for victory.  We will have to fight for our country or we will lose it.

That is why CBR and GAP are so important.  We are fighting.

You can fight, too.  Be sure to join us here.

Jacqueline Hawkins is a CBR Project Director and a regular FAB contributor.

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