Statist Illusions (Mark Steyn)

Mark Steyn

Mark Steyn

Great column in the National Review Online (NRO) by Mark Steyn.  I’m currently reading Steyn’s latest book, After America.  Scary, to say the least.

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Broke nations are being bailed out by a broke transnational organization bankrolled by a broke superpower in order to save a broke currency.  Good luck with that.


The “you’re not on your own” societal model of Western Europe has run out of people to stick it to.


America “invests” more per student than any other nation except Switzerland, and it has nothing to show for it other than a vast swamp of mediocrity presided over by a hideous educrat monopoly.


These are dangerous times — and, as many will discover, whatever assurances the statists give, in the end you’ll be on your own.

For the full piece, click here.  Check out Steyn’s new book, After America.  I’m reading it now.  It’s scary, but you need to know what’s going on.

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