Sorrow and relief

Bill and Jeanette Schultz

Bill and Jeanette Schultz

by Jacqueline Hawkins

At East Carolina University (ECU), a staff member stared at the first-trimester photos.  Tears streamed from her eyes.  CBR’s husband and wife team, Bill and Jeanette Schultz, reached out to her with comfort.

Twenty years ago, she had two abortions.  She was young and unaware of the life growing inside her.  She had no one to help.  “If only someone had told me the truth,” she said.

After learning about the fate of her children, she felt deep remorse and sorrow.  She sincerely hoped that God would forgive her.  Bill and Jeanette assured her of God’s mercy and forgiveness.  They encouraged her to see her pastor and ask God to forgive her sin and heal her heart.

By the time she left she had a smile on her face.  The burden that she had carried for years was now a little lighter.  She was on the path to confession, forgiveness, and healing.  Isn’t that what the Cross is all about?

Jacqueline Hawkins is a CBR Project Director and a regular FAB contributor.

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