Should pro-lifers support candidates with rape exception?

Rape and Abortion are Wrong


Thought-provoking video asks the question (and answers it) whether pro-lifers should support candidates with the rape/incest exception.  Please watch the video and leave your comments!

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2 Responses to “Should pro-lifers support candidates with rape exception?”

  1. October 16th, 2013 at 6:14 pm

    Bryan McKinney says:

    Well this is a tough one. In some regards it is smart campaigning to make sure you get elected and that you don’t get set off as too extreme. On the other hand the group AHA who rants and raves about this issue and attacks anyone who doesn’t agree with them is pretty out there. They openly attack many different Christian groups that don’t see eye to eye with them. They attack Catholics relentlessly and are not professional are logical in their arguments. Even if it is the right thing to do in campaigning without exceptions one of the major voices of this position is not what anyone can have anything to do with because of how they treat other pro-lifers.

  2. October 16th, 2013 at 11:17 pm

    Kevin Olivier says:

    It seems to follow from Don’s position that an abolitionist could not have voted for Romney. So it appears that the only consistent course for an abolitionist would have been to vote for a fully pro-life third-party candidate or to not vote at all. The obvious problem with going that route is that it is guaranteed to have no impact on the outcome of the election.

    Now Don’s response might be that that’s just the way it has to be because to vote for Romney is to do evil that good may come. But I reject that characterization. To vote for Romney is a GOOD thing to do, not an evil thing to do, because it is the one thing that may promote justice and righteousness in the land. To knowingly refrain from doing the one thing that may have a positive impact is not good.

    Here’s an analogy. It’s generally evil to shoot people. However, what if you hold a gun in your hand and before your eyes someone is pulling an automatic rifle from under his coat and preparing to open fire on a crowd of people? If you shoot this guy, have you done evil that good may come? No, you’ve done a GOOD thing, period. What if you said to yourself, “Well, it’s evil to shoot people, so I’m just gonna fire warning shots in the air. I know that won’t stop him, but that’s just the way it has to be, because I cannot do evil that good may come.”

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