Raining on Komen’s parade

CBR takes its position along the Komen route

CBR takes its position along the Komen route. Up to 40,000 people were confronted with Komen's support for abortion, which has been linked to breast cancer in a number of medical studies.

This story was submitted by CBR Maryland Director Kurt Linnemann.

Raining on Komen’s Parade

Sunday, May13th, was a bright and balmy day in Philadelphia, PA, but participants at the Philadelphia Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure may have felt that their parade was being rained upon.  The Center for Bio-Ethical Reform (CBR) Maryland was on scene, holding the Komen Foundation to account for funding Planned Parenthood, the nation’s largest abortion provider.

We deployed an enormous pink banner that called Komen to account for its irresponsible behavior.  CBR volunteers displayed images of aborted children or held signs exposing the link between abortion and breast cancer, which makes Komen’s relationship to Planned Parenthood even more nefarious).  Most of the 40,000 race participants saw us and got the message.  This is Komen’s worst nightmare.

A lot of people, including many pro-lifers, might find such tactics distasteful, and certainly we didn’t make many friends that day, but I’m afraid polite discussion didn’t work.  After all the emails, letters and phone calls earlier this year, the Susan G. Komen Foundation continued to fund baby killing.  This is an outrage that demands a response.

Pro-lifers don’t need to be popular to be effective.  In fact, the most successful reformers are genuinely hated, until public opinion changes.  Confident in this knowledge, we will continue our highly successful campaign of public embarrassment until the Komen Foundation sees the error of its ways.  When that happens, I think a parade will be in order!

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