ProLifeOnCampus at Western Carolina U

Jana Tutkova, founder of CBR Slovakia, explains how abortion denies rights of personhood.

Jana Tutkova, founder of CBR Slovakia, traveled to North Carolina to help this student learn how abortion denies rights of personhood.

We recently returned from taking our ProLifeOnCampus display in North Carolina.  We were invited to Western Carolina University (WCU) by the WCU College Republicans.  There’s currently no pro-life group on campus, but we’ll be working to start one.

Knoxville volunteer Debbie Picarello was able to share the love of Christ with many post-abortive women.  She also spoke with many nominally pro-life Christian students who became committed pro-lifers after being shocked and awed by our huge abortion photos.  They had never seen abortion in their pro-life churches, which explains why 1 in 5 women who abort their babies identifies herself as a “born-again” or “evangelical” Christian.

We also spoke with a number of pro-life students who are now interested in starting a new pro-life student group on campus.  Such groups can have a huge impact on public opinion among their fellow students.

Western Carolina is a major university, but it’s in a rural part of Western North Carolina.  We found few pro-lifers who were able to help us defray the costs of this visit.  Please consider a special gift of $50, $100, or $500 to help defray the costs of this campus visit.  Thanks.

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