Pro-Life Training Academy – Convincing the skeptic and calming the screamer

The PLTA trains you to explain and defend the pro-life position, even in a hostile environment.

The PLTA gives you the confidence to answer any pro-abortion challenge.

How do you convince the skeptic?  What do you say to the screaming pro-abort?  Need help?  Then maybe the Pro-Life Training Academy (PLTA) is for you.

The Pro-Life Training Academy equipped us to answer tough questions about abortion and taught the science and logic behind the pro-life position.  The Pro-Life Training Academy is a great resource that every pro-life group should take advantage of!  (Claire Chretien, U of Alabama)

No matter what your role in the pro-life movement, we train you to articulate and defend the pro-life position, even in a hostile environment.  This spring, we took the PLTA to Lexington (Kentucky), Tuscaloosa (Alabama) and Auburn (Alabama).

Would you like to us to train your pro-life group?

If your activism puts you in the line of fire, this training is for you.  Maybe you are a group of pro-life activists who frequent the local abortion facility, like our audience in Lexington.  Perhaps you are preparing to show abortion photos in public, like our audience in Tuscaloosa and Auburn.  Perhaps you lead a group of high-school pro-lifers who need to learn the basics.  Either way, the PLTA is for you!

We learned the facts about abortion, the reasoning behind the arguments, and the most effective strategies for changing hearts and saving lives on our campus.  (Peter Ascik, U of Georgia)

We spend a lot of time on role-playing.  We don’t just tell you how; we show you how and help you practice.  We don’t just care how much you know in your head; we care how well you can convince others.  That’s what you care about!

Course Outline:

  • Standing on the shoulders of giants.  Listen to those who came before.
  • Modulated conflict is your friend.  Do not fear it.  Embrace it.  Use it.
  • What is it?  The slam-dunk scientific certainty that life begins at conception.
  • But when is life important?  The philosophical case for personhood at conception.
  • Three steps to success:  Columbo Questions, Trot out the Toddler, and SLED.
  • Hard questions:  Rape, incest, life of the mother.
  • The genocide claim.  Abortion is not just another evil.

Would you like to host a PLTA in your city?  Please call us and we’ll set the date!

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    […] Fletcher Armstrong wants to bring a pro-life training academy to your town, teaching pro-lifers to “answer tough questions about abortion and [learn] the science and logic behind the pro-life position.” […]

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