Pro-Life Training Academy at U of West Florida

Here, I'm explaining how images helped end the slave trade in England.

Here, I'm explaining how an image of a slave on a medallion helped end the slave trade in England.

I’m in Pensacola today, along with Seth Drayer and Mark Harrington, training students how to defend the pro-life position on campus.  This training is part of a 2-week tour of Florida being conducted by CBR.  We’ll be visiting 4 major universities across the state with our Genocide Awareness Project (GAP).

We have a full house for this training.  Among those in attendance include members of the Pensacola Teens for Life, Spring Hill College (Mobile) Students for Life, and a team of Canadian students who are in Florida to learn how to conduct our world-famous GAP outreach.  (Either that or they’re trying to escape the snow.)

We are making tentative plans to conduct this training and take GAP to Kentucky early in April.

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