Pro-life students change their minds!

Mirna Awrow changed her mind and brought GAP to Oakland University

OU SFL President Mirna Awrow changed her mind and brought GAP to Oakland University.  After GAP, she wrote to thank us, “GAP is the perfect project …”

The Oakland University (OU) Students for Life (SFL) opposed the use of abortion victim photos … until they attended the Students for Life of America (SFLA) National Conference in January.

They heard Stephanie Gray of the Canadian CBR describe how social movements have used victim images not only to change hearts and minds, but also to move people to action.  They called us, and because of your support, we were able to answer that call.

OU SFL President Mirna Awrow wrote:

My fears suddenly seemed so minuscule after hearing Stephanie’s talk.  We needed to do this at Oakland University.  There was no way around it.  We are extremely happy that we decided to go through with this campus-shaking project.  The large-scale influence that this project has had on our campus is immeasurable!  We are constantly doing pro-life activities on campus, but there hasn’t been something as grand as the GAP project.  It reached more students in two days than we would while tabling for one hour in the student center every day for two semesters.  Even then, we wouldn’t be able to tell students why abortion is wrong in 3 seconds.  With the GAP project, you don’t even need to use words because the “picture is worth a thousand words” cliché truly applies here.

With your support … only with your support … we can help pro-life student heroes like Mirna change the campus culture, win hearts, change minds, and save lives.

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