Pro-Life Student Teaches the Professor

I just got this note from Kristen Giesler, the president of Students for Life at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, the group that recently hosted GAP on that campus.

The most poignant thing about my recent GAP experience at UNC-Charlotte is how every facet of the event exceeded my expectations and was nothing like I imagined.  Assuredly, I did not anticipate having an unfettered debate with a history professor.  Said professor was a prime example of how ideology and emotion prevent logical thinking.  He threw at me the usual litany of pro-abortion fodder.  After giving him a logical (non-aggressive and non-emotional) response to every argument, the professor found himself talking in circles and moving on to ponder the logic of life.  This, just by itself, elated my spirits; but fate had a further dainty in store for me.  Just a few weeks later, we were again displaying abortion photos on the UNCC campus, and who should approach me but this same professor!  Unlike our first meeting, his demeanor had changed.  He wasn’t angry anymore.  More importantly, he no longer tried to defend the pro-abortion position.  I do not believe his heart has changed yet, but it was obvious that the seeds of life are growing in his heart and mind; change is inevitable!

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