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I know the daily news can be discouraging, particularly as we all watch another anti-Constituion Alinsky-ite heading for the Supreme Court.  But there is good news on the horizon.  Sean Trende at Real Clear Politics believes big changes are coming in November.  In  his article, Dems’ Political Landscape Not Improving, Trende writes:

Last week, Nancy Pelosi assured analysts that they could “take it to the bank” that the Democrats would hold onto the House.  But after a series of polls that came out on Monday and Tuesday, I would seriously think twice before making a trip to Wachovia.  These polls have only reinforced the view I have held from April of this year that a 50-seat loss or so is the midpoint scenario for Democrats this fall, rather than the 25-40 seat range that most analysts seem to be talking about.

This week’s generic ballot tracking poll from Gallup shows Republicans with a 5-point lead, tying their previous best showing from 1994.  The previous two weeks revealed a 6-point lead (the largest in 50 years of Gallup tracking) and a tie.  Three datapoints do not a trend make.  But it is hard to ignore that two of the best three generic ballot showings for Republicans ever in Gallup occurred in the last two weeks.

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At this critical time, let us not grow weary nor complacent.  We at CBR will be doing everything we can to put abortion on the agenda again this election year.  We will be focusing our truth trucks and our Pro Life on Campus exhibit on key election states and districts where pro-life candidates will be running against pro-abortion candidates.  Please help us as generously as you can!

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