Pro-life oppostion to government-funded abortion in ObamaCare

Voters asked to Contact Rep. Altmire to oppose ObamaCare

Voters asked to Contact Rep. Altmire to oppose ObamaCare.

We’re doing whatever we can to stop government-funded abortion.  Media coverage:

We can’t do this by ourselves.  Your gift of $300 will buy a tank of truck fuel, enough to drive two full days.  Click here to help.

Praying and fasting wouldn’t hurt either.  The bill before the House would set back the pro-life movement for decades.

Goverment health care would deliver a lower quality of health care to your family at a much higher cost to you.  What a concept.  Make no mistake — the purpose of this bill is to destroy the system we have, so that people will later cry out for the Government to come back in and “fix” it.  Read Alinsky’s book and other writings of his disciples (Barak Obama being one of them).  Look at how TennCare pushed a lot of people out of private insurance onto the public dole.  Now the government can’t sustain it, leaving people worse off than they were.

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