Pro Life on Campus at U of Wisconsin: GAP meets presidential politics

Big Obama Crowd

Big crowd leaves Obama campaign rally, passing by the GAP display on one side and a gauntlet of Choice signs on the other. (See white backs of hand-held signs to left of sidewalk.)

At the U of Wisconsin, one of the campus papers gave us the most stunning endorsement of GAP I have ever read.  There were three articles written about GAP:

Excerpts from the Daily Cardinal op-ed, written by Noah Phillips:

My reaction—and many of my friends’ reactions—was very visceral and very rudely rooted in the body. There were tears and vomit. I myself shook, grimaced and  avoided Library Mall almost subconsciously for days. …

[Comparing CBR to environmental activists:] The critical difference is that the GAP will not tolerate our apathy.  …  If you cried or vomited, their tactic worked because they reached you. They didn’t persuade you, they didn’t please you, but they reached you. They think  that abortion is revolting, vile and obscene, and for a minute they made your stomach curl too.

It’s a dangerous tactic because of its efficacy. …

[If you are an activist concerned about injustice:]  No doubt you know what it is to be made aware of something, something you find  horrifying and egregious. Something to which people walking down the street are  oblivious. You want them all to know what you know. You resent that they don’t  feel the way you feel.  You want them to feel it in their guts, to strike  them dumb, to shake their souls. In short, you cannot convey the enormity of  your awareness. And so, whatever your perspective on the Genocide Awareness  Project, the Center for Bioethical Reform or abortion, I want you to appreciate  what it takes to reach someone so viscerally.

Wow.  This guy obviously has a functioning conscience, so we have hope for him!

Yes, we want to make injustice impossible to ignore.  We show pictures of abortion because abortion is everything Mr. Phillips claims:  disgusting, shocking, and grisly,  Pictures of abortion are shocking because abortion is an act of violence that kills a baby.  The abortion industry, aided by much of the culture, is trying to cover up that fact, just as other purveyors of injustice have tried to cover up their evil deeds.  We are committed to exposing injustice, so that people can see it for themselves.

Mr. Phillips says that we are dangerous, becasue we are effective!  We absolutely reject violence, of course, but I suppose we are a threat to business as usual.  Perhaps we are a threat in the same way that abolitionists were a threat to the slave trade, Lewis Hine was a threat to abusive child labor, and Martin Luther King, Jr. was a threat to segregation.

As it turns out, President Obama decided to hold a campaign event near the GAP display.  We reached thousands of political activists on their way to and from the campaign assembly!

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  1. October 11th, 2012 at 2:00 pm

    Did Presidential candidates seek out CBR trucks? says:

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  2. October 15th, 2012 at 4:47 pm

    PDG says:

    This is a great story and the perfect response to what abortion is.
    Very timely!

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