Pro Life on Campus at the University of Missouri

Students for Life member explains how perpetrators of injustice always frame their arguments in the language of "choice."

CBR volunteer April Pearson explains how perpetrators of injustice always frame their arguments in the language of "choice."

CBR’s Genocide Awareness Project (GAP) made it’s first appearance at the University of Missouri (Mizzou) last week.  Story here.

Students for Life member Teresa Fricke explained why they wanted us to bring GAP to Mizzou:

The reason we are doing this [on] campus is because on a given day, there could be 140 pregnant women who are on the border [about] whether to abort their baby or not, according to the numbers we have seen.

CBR volunteer April Pearson describes a conversation with a couple who could face that question at any time:

The couple both agreed that they would consider abortion if they found out tomorrow that they were expecting.  After discussing abortion with them for a long time, the young man told me, “I don’t know if I agree with everything here, but you’ve definitely changed my mind.  I think I’d want us to adopt now instead of abort.”  His girlfriend said, “I’ve always seen this kind of thing (pro-life viewpoint/activism) as pushy, but this has been really different.  You’ve made me think a lot, and I’ve appreciated talking with you.” 

MU student Brianna Blackmon supported the message of GAP:

I believe the comparison between the abortion and KKK and Nazi Germany is valid because murder is murder.

 Medical student Robby Jones disagreed, according to The Maneater, the student newspaper:

MU medical student Robby Jones said he hates the pro-abortion rights and anti-abortion rights dichotomy in the first place, but said he is pro-abortion rights because people in desperate situations will seek abortions whether they are medically accessible or not.

Using that logic, if somebody is desperate to get his cotton picked, then slavery should be legal.  Not only should it be legal for the guy with the unpicked-cotton crisis, but for anybody.

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