Pro Life on Campus at the University of Alabama … Hope for the future

Alabama Crowd

GAP creates modulated conflict that draws a crowd and makes our story irresistable to the press.

Young people like the members of Bama Students for Life (BSFL) give us hope for the future.  We can’t let them down.

BSFL hosted us on the University of Alabama campus on April 6 for the Pro-Life Training Academy (GAP) and on April 10-11 for the Genocide Awareness Project (GAP).  Here is what BSFL members said about it.

David DeStefanis:

Just seeing those pictures is enough to get someone uncomfortable enough to actually examine the issue of abortion and re-examine their own stance on it.
GAP created more dialogue and discussion about abortion than anything I’ve ever seen.
To pro-life people who were against GAP coming here, I asked them if they could tell me a method or tactic that could make as big an impact as GAP did. And none of them could.

Ruth Bishop:

GAP revealed to students the ugly truth about abortion; a truth that must continue to be shared for the sake of preborn children and their mothers.

Levi Crawford:

I spoke with a Jewish friend of mine in class and asked him to come and see the GAP display. He wasn’t offended, he admitted [that the preborn] is a human life and that he would never be able to support unconditional abortion again.  He walked away with a changed heart, and I am forever grateful for GAP in bringing this change about.

Joanna Robinson:

GAP is crucial for any student group that wants to start a real conversation about abortion on their campus. You can talk about abortion all you want, but until people see what abortion is, it remains in their minds an abstract idea. GAP presents abortion in a very stark and real way that cannot be ignored.
I have been actively involved in my pro-life campus group for nearly three years, and I have never seen an event cause a discussion about abortion like GAP. I have seen first-hand the anger it caused, but I have also seen GAP working to change hearts and minds, not over weeks or months, but over the course of minutes and seconds. We need to make sure that no college student in America graduates without seeing GAP and becoming aware of the reality of abortion.

Claire Chretien:

We forced people to think about and talk about abortion.
We are able to articulate the pro-life position to thousands of people, create a conversation about abortion that lasted weeks after GAP, make important comparisons between the contemporary genocide of abortion and past genocides, recruit new members, and show people the truth about abortion — that it is a gruesome, violent procedure that kills an innocent human being.

Zack Wepfer (BSFL Past President):

I can honestly say that this last week [of GAP] has been the week I am most proud of in my entire collegiate career.  I am so proud to accomplish what we did.  I cannot think of a better way to end my collegiate career.

Help us achieve the vision set forth by Joanna Robinson, who said, “We need to make sure that no college student in America graduates without seeing GAP and becoming aware of the reality of abortion.”

To be a part of that lofty achievement, please click here to make your most generous investment in the lives of babies and moms.   Young people like Claire, Joanna, Ruth, and David give us hope for the future.  We can’t let them down.  Please support our work on campus right now!

Bama Students for Life

Bama Students for Life


BSFL Vice-President Claire Chretien speaks to the media. Young people like Claire give us hope for the future. We can’t let them down.

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