Pro Life on Campus at Obama’s Rally at Ohio State

"Choice" signs greet Obama ralliers.

"Choice" signs greet Obama ralliers.

Pro lifers use CBR’s “Choice” signs to greet Pres. Obama’s ralliers at Ohio State University.  You can do this at a campus near you!  Click here to buy 4 “Choice” signs and display them all you want!

If you can’t do this yourself, then please help us do it with your gift of $10 a month (click here).  Your $10 will help take our bigger Pro Life on Campus display to 20 major universities next year.  One-time gifts (click here) buy new signs and even a large-screen TV for outdoor use.

Many students who see these signs are hard-core pro-choicers, but not all.  Many young people hear only one view on campus, but these pictures tell the whole story.  Many will change their minds.


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