Pro Life on Campus at Graduation!

Graduation Sticker

Graduation Sticker

This just in from SFLA:

With many pro-abortion speakers presenting at commencement ceremonies across the nation, Students for Life of America (SFLA) is proud to offer a respectful way for graduating pro-life students to Stand for Life with the first-ever Pro-Life Grad Cap Stickers.

The stickers simply read “Pro-Life” and are meant to go on the top of the graduation cap. There is a hole cut through the center of the sticker to allow the tassel on the cap to pop through, and they are die cut to look great on any color cap!
These stickers offer a way for graduates to respectfully show their pro-life values during their graduation.  It’s a means to grab the attention of the university, fellow graduates, parents, and media; especially at ceremonies featuring a pro-abortion speaker.

Buy a grad cap sticker for $2 by clicking here!

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