Pro Life Gov. Chris Christie of New Jersey: Hope for America

Gov. Chris Christie

Gov. Chris Christie

You gotta love what Chris Cristie is doing in New Jersey.  If he can pull it off, he could be a model for saving the national government as well.  See his video below about the need to reign in the bully on the playground.  In this case, the bully is the teachers’ union, who confiscates more than $620 every year from every teacher in New Jersey (totaling more than $100 million every year).

Gov. Christie is pro-life, but that wasn’t always the case.  A few years ago, he was a pro-choice Republican.  But in the late 1990s, he accepted an invitation to meet with Morris Co. Right to Life President (now CBR director) Bill Calvin and CBR Executive Director Gregg Cunningham.  During this meeting, Christie saw prenatal development video and CBR’s graphic abortion video (Harder Truth, replaced now by Choice Blues).  He asked a lot of questions.  The impact of this meeting was reinforced later that year, when the first of his 4 children was born.

Fast-forward to 2009, when Christie put on his campaign website, “I am pro-life.  Hearing the strong heartbeat of my unborn daughter 14 years ago at 13 weeks gestation had a profound effect on me and my beliefs …”

The abortion video is the key.  I’ve seen it work, over and over again, with all kinds of people, in all kinds of settings.  I pledge to you that I will never endorse nor support any candidate for any office (below President) who will not first watch with me a graphic abortion video.  (Choice Blues is available on DVD and by streaming.)

In the video below, Gov. Christie is talking about the teachers’ union.  It’s not about pro-life, but it is awesome.  His strength gives me hope for America.


What do you think about Gov. Christie?  Please comment below.  And please send this link to your friends and ask them to comment as well!

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One Response to “Pro Life Gov. Chris Christie of New Jersey: Hope for America”

  1. September 27th, 2011 at 2:51 am

    Lisa Magnuson says:

    I’m pleasantly surprised! And thankful to hear that Chris Christie has changed sides and became pro life I’m glad he was willing to be openminded enough to meet with pro life organizations and watch a video about abortion, I think it is like the priest for life site says” Until America sees abortion they will never reject it” God Bless the pro life organizations!

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