Pro Life Advocates Attend Freedom Ride

CBR Board Member Rev. Clenard Childress.

CBR Board Member Rev. Clenard Childress addresses the crowd.

 A number of CBR volunteers attended the Freedom Ride that started in Birmingham and ended in Atlanta on Saturday, July 24.  The event was organized by CBR board member Fr. Frank Pavone.

The TV coverage by the CBS affiliate in Birmingham was actually very well done.  Several women appeared on camera to express regret for their abortions and describe how they were deceived by the abortion industry.

Pastor Cecil Clark of True Vine Baptist Church in Knoxville was interviewed for that story (video below).  He appears at about the 1-minute mark.

More coverage by Fox News, the Birmingham News, and the National Catholic Register.

Question for you:  What kind of effect will demonstrations such as this have on the larger culture?  Please comment below!


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  1. July 27th, 2010 at 6:31 pm

    Debbie Picarello says:

    I went to the website link where this video can also be found, and there was this enlightening comment by a woman there:

    Recognition by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights of the human rights of the unborn child means that a child’s temporary residence in his or her mother’s womb does not give the mother absolute ownership rights over the child. In effect, abortionists reduce the child before birth to an object, a ‘choice’, a thing of less-than-human status, suspended in a slave-like state between life and death, pending an arbitrary decision by the “owner” to abort or to keep the child. Article 8 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights codifies in law Article 4 of the Universal Declaration and explicitly prohibits slavery “in all its forms”. It is difficult to construe the condition or status of the child at risk of abortion as anything but a form of slavery, in which the concepts of ‘ownership’ and ‘absolute power’ over a dependant are used to violate human dignity and rights. * Decriminalization of abortion is essentially an attempt to effect “the destruction of the juridical personality of the victim”, the unborn child; and *the concept of a mother’s right to abort the life of her own child is certainly at the extreme end of servitude, the most extreme of “all possible forms of one person’s domination of another.” To accord mothers the “right” to abort their children is to allow them the most pernicious of all the powers attaching to the alleged rights of ownership and domination—powers of life and death. The pseudo-right to abortion stands in direct contradiction to the long, hard-won tradition of human rights and freedoms, a tradition forbidding that any one human being should have ownership and disposal rights over any other human being, no matter how small or dependent or troublesome or unwanted.

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