Pro Life Training Academy in Lynchburg, Virginia

Pro Life Training Academy at Lynchburg, Va.

Pro Life Training Academy at Lynchburg, Va.

Here we are in Lynchburg, Virginia.  Thankfully, we are well west of Hurricane Irene.  We have students here from Liberty U, Central Virginia Community Collge, James Madison U, the U of Virginia, the U of Richmond.  Pro-life activits from Lynchburg and Roanoke have also joined us.

This is a critical place for us to be.  The pro-life Liberty University students are telling us that there are many pro-choice students on their campus.

We don’t charge students to attend this Academy.  We depend on you to cover our costs, which are about $75 per person (mostly speaker travel).  Please click here, and please be generous, so that we can do this again for more students in Virginia and across the country.

Our featured speaker is Jay Watts of the Life Training Institute (LTI).  As a former pro-choice atheist, Jay is uniquely prepared to train students how to deal with people like … well … his former self!

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