Pro-aborts strike back at Parkville High School!

Parkville High School student protests CBR's School "Choice" Project

Parkville High School student protests CBR's School "Choice" Project.

This report comes from Kurt Linnemann of CBR Maryland.

They came out with a sign!  A handmade sign!  Finally!  After bringing our School “Choice” Project (the graphic reality of abortion) to nine high schools, we had our first student protest.  Two of them stood beside us holding a handmade sign that said, “It’s easy to talk about MORALITY when you’re not the one getting PREGNANT.”

It was great … and I commended them on their willingness to stand for what they believed.  Flawed as it may be, I was glad to see they had conviction and were willing to act.  And I told them so.  As I took pictures of the students holding the sign, a Baltimore County police officer told me I was not allowed to take their picture.  I asked her why.  She told me that once a child gets on a school bus they become wards of the state and as such they are protected by the state.  I repsonded by saying that as long as they were in public, I had a legal right to take their photo, minor or not, ward of the state or not.  I asked her to call her supervisor.  She did and afterwards told me that her supervisor simply instructed her to encourage the students to leave and get into class.

School "Choice" Project at Parkville High School

School "Choice" Project at Parkville High School.

So these students along with others learned of activism and our First Amendment rights, which are both great things.  And the 1600 students at Parkville High School learned what abortion does to a baby.  Through the images of the aborted babies, the plight of the preborn child became a major topic of discussion for the students, faculty, administration, and related families of Parkville High School.

By participating in the School “Choice” Project one morning a week, you can be a hero, save a baby, and get to work on time!  For further information, please contact me at klinnemann@cbrinfo.org or call 410-913-3931.

Awesome!  Kurt’s appeal for help is obviously targeted to the schools in the CBR Maryland region.  We can help you reach high-school students with the truth, no matter where you live!  Go to www.ProLifeOnCampus.com and “Contact us.”

Note: We always follow police directives, but we do ask them why and ask them to clarify with their own supervisors.  If they persist, even with a demand we know to be unlawful, we comply and work it out with their lawyers in the proper venue at the proper time.  On the street is neither the proper venue nor the proper time.

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