Priest, Brother of Arrested Carleton Student: ‘I Can’t Be a Moderate Pro-Lifer Any Longer’

Rev. Simon Lobo

Rev. Simon Lobo

The arrests of five pro-life students at Carleton University earlier this month should inspire pro-lifers to step up and engage in the pro-life battle, said Fr. Simon Lobo, brother of arrested Carleton Lifeline President Ruth Lobo, in a powerful homily in Ottawa.

Fr. Lobo hadn’t been doing nothing.  He had attended the marches, the life chains, the 40 Days events, etc.  But after seeing his sister’s example, he knew it wasn’t enough.

It would be easy to blame the university, the police, or “those who promote a radically liberal agenda” for the arrests, he said in the homily, “but you and I are part of the problem, because we have put up with too much for too long.”

Fr. Lobo called the graphic images of abortion used in GAP, which are often seen as controversial, “disgusting.”

“But they’re also true and accurate.  Abortion is disgusting,” he added.

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