Post script on Komen vs. Planned Parenthood



Now that the dust has settled a bit, I wanted to share with you this column by Steven D. Greydanus.

For one thing, Greydanus has given us the best summary of what Komen has said and not said.  That’s worth reading, because there is considerable confusion on the degree to which Komen “caved.”

Greydanus goes on to point out that the real story has nothing to do with Komen.  The real story is ” the swiftness and ruthlessness of the Culture of Death Left backlash against Komen.”  He wrote,

I’m sure Komen executives expected to take some heat in the media for their decision.  They probably weren’t anticipating that the American Association of University Women would immediately bar Komen from approved community service opportunities for college women at the AAUW’s annual leadership conference.

That’s right:  As far as the AAUW is concerned, … [fighting] breast cancer isn’t enough. You have to fund America’s largest abortion provider.

Complete column here.

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