Post-Election Message From CBR Director Gregg Cunningham

Gregg Cunningham

Gregg Cunningham

A message from Gregg Cunningham, Executive Director of the Center for Bio-Ethical Reform (CBR):

CBR is an educational organization whose principal purpose is to discourage and ultimately ban elective abortion.  We pursue that goal by exposing the horror abortion represents.  Our duty is prophetic, so the public’s acceptance or rejection of our message neither heightens nor diminishes our duty to discharge that responsibility.

Speaking as an individual, by the narrowest of margins, roughly half the 2012 electorate has chosen evil over good and America’s planned decline will now accelerate.  If the leadership in the current House of Representatives caves on the “fiscal cliff” confrontation, our economy will be further weakened by extreme tax-and-spend socialism — see California and Europe to understand just how weakened.  Still more Americans will be disabled by reliance on unsustainable social welfare programs — see California and Europe to understand how just unsustainable.

Because of this defeat, our military will be dangerously compromised by the funding cuts necessitated by exploding national debt.  America’s influence in the world will continue to be dismantled as the intended purpose of Barack Obama’s foreign policy.  ObamaCare’s abortion mandates are now a central feature of American socialized medicine.  Supposedly “pro-life Democrat” Rep. Bart Stupak betrayed us to pass Obamacare.  Supposedly “constitutional conservative” Chief Justice John Roberts betrayed us to declare ObamaCare constitutional.  Supposedly “pro-life” New Jersey Governor Chris Christie betrayed us to essentially endorse Barack Obama and contribute to his reelection.  He reportedly turned on Mitt Romney because Romney dumped him as his vice presidential pick.  ObamaCare will now be impossible to repeal.

Unless our majority remains resolute in the U.S. House of Representatives, open borders and amnesty for illegal aliens will turn swing states so blue that pro-life candidates will become as unelectable there as they now are in California.  But doomed prolife candidates may not matter much because our federal courts will become so heavily packed with Barack Obama’s pro-abortion judges (confirmed by his Democrat Senate) that any significant attempt to restrict abortion will be struck down, and the reversal of Roe v. Wade is unlikely to occur during the lifetimes of even our movement’s youngest activists.

Despite the disaster which now awaits our country, CBR’s responsibility to expose the horror of abortion remains unchanged.  We have great people and great projects and our Key States Initiative (KSI) left America a far more pro-life nation today than it was six months ago.  Literally as I write this note, a CBR web survey arrived from a sixteen-year-old Pennsylvania girl who wrote to explain how our work has changed her life:  “I did support legal abortion but after seeing that video of the baby getting taken out I am against it. It is terrible!  How could someone kill something so small and helpless?”  She speaks for the many Americans who saw our imagery in battleground states this year and also changed their minds about abortion.  Our strategy and tactics are demonstrably effective.  Disturbing pictures are the history of social reform and the future of pro-life activism.

I intend no disrespect toward Governor Romney but I believe we could have won this narrowly decided election had we nominated a stronger candidate with a more effective campaign.  Governor Romney had liabilities which Barack Obama’s Chicago campaign skillfully exploited.  And Governor Romney’s campaign missed many opportunities to take the fight to the president.  Barack Obama emphasized abortion to single women (who now outnumber married women for the first time in American history) but their vote might have been overcome by a more convincing pitch to independents and greater appeal to our conservative base.  I remain confident that our strong field of reform-minded conservative governors and senators (as well as Rep. Paul Ryan) will produce a stronger ticket in 2016.  The tragic state of country after eight years of Barack Obama and Joe Biden should leave even this closely divided nation ready for a new course.

God is about to teach the Obama electorate a painful lesson in response to their intransigence, a lesson Greece is just beginning to learn.  We will all have to suffer this chastening but I thank God for all you did to educate voters over the last six months.  I assure you that your work was not in vain.  God will honor it in the fullness of time.  Remember that in the late eighteenth century, fully three-quarters of the world’s population was in bondage to some form of forced labor.  The abolition of slavery seemed unthinkable.  By God’s grace, a hand-full of reformers changed everything.  Now we must refresh ourselves and continue to follow their indomitable example.

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