Planned Parenthood in schools: A betrayal of trust

Christine Lefebvre

Christine Lefebvre

Here are Chris Lefebvre’s comments before the Knox County School Board last week.

My name is Christine Lefebvre. I am a mother, grandmother and citizen of Knox County, and I am very concerned about Planned Parenthood’s influence in our schools and how that influence was gained!  From what I have learned it appears that the parents of Knox County students and you, ladies and gentlemen who were elected to represent them, were all excluded from the decision making process that has allowed one of the most controversial organizations in the country free access to our kids, with at least some of the presentations being done without parental knowledge or consent!

Don’t you find that disturbing?

Someone made that decision and I am asking you to get some answers for us.

Who made that decision and were they not aware that undercover investigations all over the country had exposed Planned Parenthood’s systematic undermining of parents rights and the violation of mandatory reporting laws for sexual predators?

Did no one in the administration take the time to review the obscene materials on their teen websites like www.takecaredownthere.org with its “I Didn’t Spew” explicit video depicting a teen boy practicing oral sex on another teen boy?  Did even the mention of that not make you cringe a little inside?  Does it not bother you that our teens, as captive audiences in their own classrooms are being exposed to an organization with that kind of ideology?

Wasn’t anyone concerned about the obvious conflict of interest in allowing an organization that sells abortion into the classrooms of our county to talk to them about sex? And beyond that, doing professional development of our wellness teachers?  And are there going to be any answers forthcoming about who those teachers are who have attended that type of program and whether they will be able to continue advancing  that ideology in their classrooms.  And what monies, if any, were used to pay for Planned Parenthood’s professional development of our teachers?

Did those decision makers not know that PP would be recruiting our teens for their “peer counseling” seminars to  receive 40 hours of in depth sexuality training in the crass ideology that is Planned Parenthood and then  PAID $100.00 a semester after they go back to their schools and make “100 peer contacts” to market that ideology… and the services PP provides?  They will tell you it’s all about teens sharing “life-saving information” with their peers, but their rights based approach to sexual health and their advocacy for removing “ethical barriers,” their history and the services they sell are all of grave concern.  The Boston Globe reported in November that “hundreds of high school students” came to the school board meeting demanding free condoms at all high schools and more comprehensive sex education.  One student was even quoted as saying that it was “sad that schools would rather focus on things like books and tests.” This is a direct result of inculcating teens with that kind of ideology.

Doesn’t it bother you that the administration’s recent decision about this issue relied on a group of experts and does not appear to have involved board members or any concerned members of the community?

There is an even bigger issue at stake here, and that is the betrayal of public trust by this administration and the exclusion of board members and the community from this critical decision.  The solution to teen pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases lies in more, not less, parental involvement. Something, this experience indicates is not a priority of the administration. Recently the Provincetown, Massachusetts School district approved distribution of condoms for students kindergarten through 12 stating that the district will not honor requests from parents that their children not be given condoms.  Is that where we are headed?

You, ladies and gentlemen, may not have had an opportunity to do much about letting PP into our classrooms, but I trust that once you get the answers to these questions, you will do everything you can to ensure that such a betrayal of our trust and our values will never happen here again.

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