Planned Parenthood at Hardin Valley Academy – WATE 6 News report

Community Meeting, Thursday, January 27

Community Meeting, Thursday, January 27

WATE 6 News covers Planned Parenthood gaining access to students at Hardin Valley High. First of all, it is inappropriate to allow abortion industry representatives to come in and advertise their “services.” Second, it is critical to understand the vile nature of the materials that appear on PP websites, the details of which would likely never be shown on TV.


Overall, the report glosses over the PP websites and other material directed at teens.  Not addressed at all are the encouragments for teens to engage in behavior that is depraved and/or dangerous.  We have to do a better job of forcing people to understand the depravity of PP materials.  For example, see the “I didn’t spew” video on the TakeCareDownThere.org website, which is a PP website directed at teens.  Following is a synopsis.  The video itself is so vile, it would surely be rejected by YouTube, so I just performed a few screen captures.

Video on PP website portraying oral sex as normative behavior for teens
Video on PP website portraying oral sex as normative behavior for teens


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3 Responses to “Planned Parenthood at Hardin Valley Academy – WATE 6 News report”

  1. February 3rd, 2011 at 6:32 pm

    yosefhey says:

    I watched that video, and all of the other videos on the site. It warns that the material on the page is for mature teens and adults. That particular video, while some may not like the homosexuality, has a proactive message about how YOU CAN CONTRACT STDS WHETHER YOU ORGASM OR NOT.
    More people should learn about things, watch things, read things, before they listen to other people and jump to conclusions about things they have no firsthand experience with.

  2. February 3rd, 2011 at 8:09 pm

    Fletcher says:


    It’s one thing for people to dream up all kinds of gross and disgusting things to do to each other, it’s quite another for Knox County Schools and their guest “educators” to present these as normal and healthy activities appropriate for teenage experientation. You can explain the dangers of STDs and explain how to avoid spreading STDs without presenting perversion as normal and healthy. Information is one thing; promotion is something else.

    Most rational people wouldn’t show their children a video that made injecting heroin out to be normal for teenagers, so long as they use clean needles. It’s rediculous. If that’s what you want for your teenager, then fine. Teach them at home. But leave mine out of it.

  3. February 3rd, 2011 at 8:53 pm

    yosefhey says:

    Wait, did you just relate sex to heroin?
    I don’t know if you’ve had sex, I mean, I haven’t tried heroin, but they’re two different things.
    Also, I think if you polled a group of teenagers at any given high school, you’d find that what the video you singled out is about is quite the norm, and I don’t think that’s because of planned parenthood. In fact, most people don’t use condoms when getting blowjobs. Are you shocked? I’ll give you some time to take it in.

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